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Sunday, February 2, 2014

it's circus time!

So, it was off to the circus for C.W, and I on Sat!
We made the drive to Macon where
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey 
was waiting for us at the Centreplex.
I bought our tix on line so we didn't have to stand in line,
but I had no idea where our seats were.
They show you a chart, but it is difficult to figure out.
So, I just clicked on "best available" in the price range
I was interested in and bought them.
Wonder of wonders...they were great seats...
close to the action!

It was a good show and we had fun. 
I mostly enjoyed watching C. W.'s reactions.
He laughed at the clown's antics and marveled at
the daredevils feats.
He was impressed with the animal's tricks
and he thought the 20 minute intermission was way too long! 

Here we are waiting for the show to begin!

If you got there early enough, they invited you back stage
 to see the animals up close.
This isn't a very good shot, but you can see (barely!) 
Sophie, the elephant, in the background.

Our seats were just a few rows behind this sign...
first level above the floor.

I was impressed and grateful that the ringmaster sang the 
Star Spangled Banner at the very beginning.

The tight wire troupe did a great job.

The camels and horses (and there were dogs, too!)
did their tricks...

as did the elephants!

The last performance was the motorcycle riders
taking spins in this...

Scary...I know!

There were other acts as well...which made for about
a 2 hour performance. I wouldn't say it was
"the greatest show on earth",
but it was an adventure and we did it together!
That's the stuff memories are made of! :-)


  1. I've never been to the circus. It was a bigger deal back when we were kids than it seems to be now ... I can't even remember the last time the circus came to St. Louis. Glad you and your sweetie had a great time!

  2. glad to know the circus is still the circus... we live 10 miles from Ringing Museum, the circus museum is amazing....i love the camels, horses and elephants shots... and your seats could not have been any better....

  3. Yes...the adventures are worth it! Looks like fun.

  4. Hi, I'm watching the Big Super Bowl game AND the commercials with one eye --and blogging with the other. The lady who sang the National Anthem was AWESOME, best I've heard that song sung in YEARS... Wow!!!!

    I used to love to go to the circus when my kids were little. It was fun just watching their faces. Glad you got to go!!!


  5. such wonderful pictures debbie!! i have never been to a circus, i worry about the animals, how they are being treated and if they are happy. somehow, i think my non-support will make a difference.

    i'm sure the little guy enjoyed it, he's adorable!!


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