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Monday, February 17, 2014

before and after...a year late!

Some of you know that a little over a year ago,
we built an addition onto our house and did some
some other remodeling.
I promised (a couple of times) to show pictures.
Well.....at first I was waiting to get the furniture in place. 
I was re-purposing some pieces, so it took 
some time. Then I was waiting to get some things on the walls.
And then.... I just never did it!

So, because I know it is important to do what you 
say you will do and because I am so happy with the results...
here you go!

This was our old living room...
a nice sized room , but long and narrow.
This is taken from by the front door looking
toward the hearth and wood burning stove.

 This one taken from the hearth looking toward
the front door on the right.
Our kitchen and dining room... to the left.

This is the new family room added to the front of the house...
from the front wall out...400 sq ft.

We moved our dining area to the space that was the 
living room.
The buffet is where the piano was and the window
on the right was where the front door was.

The area by the hearth and stove is now a sitting area...
nice place to read and have our morning coffee .

This is looking from the new room back to the old living room.
Kitchen to the right .
The wall behind the black cabinet is new.
It was open to our old dining room....

which is now our new study/office. 
 This picture taken from the same place as the one above.

 The white door opens to kitchen and that's
a bay window on left.

This is the new pantry in my kitchen...never had one before.
It's great!
You see the door to study there on the right.
Dining area is to left.


We enclosed the back porch , and for the first time 
in 36 years, I have a laundry room!
I have a sink, storage and our freezer is in there, too.
I loved the brick floor so we kept it and they did put a sealer 
on it which gives it a little shine.

This is what our house looked like before...

 This is the after...with a little snow! :-)

We are enjoying it all so much. It still makes me smile
every time I pull in our driveway and walk through
the front door.
I told someone recently...it's big enough when everyone
is here, but not too big when it's just the two of us.
I guess that means it's just right!! :-)


  1. It is lovely, I really like open floor plans. You and I have the same colors in our homes...must be related!

  2. You all did such a wonderful job! It's amazing what a huge difference small addition made to your house. Thanks for taking us on a tour.

  3. Those are some well thought out changes. It really looks fabulous Miss Debbie. Love it and the colors you chose, too.

  4. WoW!! big changes and it looks amazing!! much brighter and more open. i'll bet that was a lot of work but soooo well worth it!!

  5. not only did it make your inside more beautiful and bright and open, which is wha i like, it made the outside view prettier to.. love the porch ...a beautiful remodel... i would love it to

  6. Well, you know how I feel about it. I think it is absolutely beautiful, but what makes me happiest is that you are so happy with it! Now when you can get those kitchen cabinets like you want, it will be absolutely perfect! Love it and you!

  7. What a transformation! I can't believe my eyes and would never have envisioned this. You house looks amazing.....

  8. I am so glad you finally showed pictures of your remodel. It is just beautiful. I love how open every thing is and I bet you do smile every time you come in the driveway. It also looks good in the snow. Nice work.

  9. I love your new changes! So much more room :)

  10. Wow! That was a big makeover with moving walls etc. It looks so roomy now! I especially like the change on the outside.

  11. Oh, wow! Sweet Debbie it is beautiful, you have a whole new house. Love it!


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