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Sunday, February 9, 2014

"sew" done!

We have had a beautiful weekend...
sunny and warmer temperatures.
Spent some time outside yesterday working
on some projects.
But, today I was determined to finish something
at my sewing machine.
If you remember, I went to a quilting class back in August.
That's what got me interested in quilting.
Well, the quilt I started at that class had gotten
put aside so I could make one for the grandson.
Then the holidays came and then I made one for my friend.
Last night, I pulled it out and while I was watching the Olympics
I finished stitching it.
Today, I put the binding on...

It was a difficult pattern for a beginner. I would have
given up on it if it had not been for my sweet friend, Danna.
She came over to help me with the piecing and she
encouraged me to finish it.
My plan is to hang it...I have a piece of wall
that needs something!
I feel good about finishing it...
there's something to be said for persevering!! :-)


  1. And it will still be here, long after you are gone!! Your children and grandchildren will treasure it forever!! It's beautiful!!

  2. good job hanging in there, it is gorgeous... and glad you had outside time...

  3. Very lovely, and I truly enjoy your color choices. Days gone by very long ago that I made quilts. Lots of work but such a project of love and may I say "endurance"...lol.

  4. Way to go! It is a nice pattern and I like the palette...

  5. What beautiful fabric! You did well, my friend!

  6. So beautiful! I have always wished that I had learned to quilt!

  7. You have such an eye for materials. I am so glad you finished it. I believe it will be beautiful on your wall!!! Glad I could be part of the encouragement!


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