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Friday, February 21, 2014

who thought of that?

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A few years ago, my daughter and I were scheduled to sing
at our church. As I was looking at the sheet music,
I began to wonder...who thought up musical notes?
Who decided what symbol would represent which sound
and what that sound would be called?

Last week, a co-worker brought in a baby blanket she had
crocheted for her new granddaughter.
Later, as I was thinking about it, I wondered who figured
that out? Who thought about taking yarn, knotting it and making
blankets, scarves and sweaters?

Yesterday, C.W. and I drove by the Museum of Aviation
at our Air Force Base. He saw the planes and asked,
"How do they make them so big, Gran?"
I said, "I don't know, but what I really don't understand
is how that multi-ton plane flies. How does that
very heavy thing stay up in the sky?"

just had surgery to remove cataracts.
After months of having trouble, she is seeing clearly.
Who figured out what cataracts are and that removing them
would not hurt the eye but would actually make it better?

The list could go on and on. There are so many amazing
things in our world that are just there and we don't really
think about what precious gifts they are.
Gen. 9:6 says. "God made mankind in His own image."
He gave us intelligence and the ability to reason.
And, I believe, God divinely inspires His creation
to be creative!

"But it is the spirit in man, the breath of the
Almighty, that gives them understanding."


  1. It is so true, I think of so many things like that now. Like how much God does with color.
    I am sure I don't even really understand this surgery either. Like how I can see and go about my normal life after one down day.
    I am so thankful that God in his mercy has given us so many things to be thankful for. I think about knitting the same way, what a old art it must be.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. my brother just loves to think and talk about things like this. one of his favorite things to say is the person who drank the first milk from a cow sure was brave.... i don't understand how those planes stay up there either....
    and who named the crayon colors? who first said red is red? black is black? thanks for making me think....who decided to shave off the white wool on a sheep and make it into the yarn.... great post

  3. It is truly amazing how much has changed in our world--and how much we all learn.. Thank Goodness for smart people out there who learn about all of this stuff!!!!

    Have a great weekend.
    P.S. sold the laptop and iPad as a bundle to a friend --and didn't even have to advertise them

  4. Great questions!!! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. it is an endless list!! and i am so happy for kim!!

    have a great weekend!!

  6. Great questions ... I know that if I stopped to ponder such mysteries, I'd be paralyzed by it all as there are so many. Thankfully I know Who's in charge and am thankful that He provided the wisdom needed.

  7. I too often think about who was the first to do something and how did someone ever figure out how to do things. I truly believe God just put it in us the desires to do certain things and those that follow those desires are the ones that have first tasted, used and done the things that most do now without giving it a thought. This is a very interesting post sweet Debbie and I love it. Hugs and blessings!


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