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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

donuts and a date

A week or so ago, I posted the recipe for
the  chocolate doughnuts.
I told you I would let you know how they turned out.
they turned out nicely!
Hubby and daughter really liked them.
I haven't talked about our Valentine celebration.
Our plan was to go out Thurs night and beat the crowd.
We went to two restaurants...an hour wait both places!
Geez...I guess everyone had the same idea.
So, we went back home and warmed up leftovers!
I had my heart set on steak... nothing else sounded good.
So, we waited until Sat and went at 4 o'clock!

We were given a gift card to Outback for Christmas.
Didn't intentionally save it, but it worked out well
to use it for Valentine's.

 The Doc gave gave us gift cards to Coldstone Creamery,
so we had dessert covered, too!
I told Hubby, this Valentine's, I was a "cheap" date ! :-)

We brought our huge cup of chocolate
ice cream with Snickers mixed in home
and shared it while watching the Olympics.
It was a nice evening ...worth the wait!

I had planned to participate in Wednesday Hodgepodge,
but after I had typed my post and was getting ready to save it,
most of it disappeared!
I just didn't have the heart to try to remember
 what I said and re-type it. :(
So, I will try again next week!
Enjoying spring like weather here
after having freezing rain just a week ago...
typical Georgia weather!
Saw some jonquils blooming yesterday...
woohoo! Spring is on it's way! :-)


  1. the donuts look super from here...can't go wrong with chocolate anything. our outback is always busy, we see the lines waiting all the time. ours has a take out place to park,, call it in and they bring it to the car.... someone gave me a gift certificate and since my husband will not wait in line for any thing at all, i called the number, placed the order drove up and they brought it to me.... i did not know they did that. sounds like a perfect Valentine outing

  2. What a fun cheap date! So happy Georgia is getting back to normal.

  3. oohhh I love cold stone, coffee lovers is my favorite!! The donuts look amazing!!

  4. Don't you just love your donut pan? I have made some a couple of times already.
    Well at least you got to use your gift cards finally. I am glad you had such a nice time.

  5. great-looking donuts! these look so delicious!
    happy friday~

  6. Oh, those doughnuts look yummy and so does that ice cream. You had a wonderful Valentine's dinner and how nice to have the gift card. Hugs

  7. We didn't go out to eat on Valentine's Day either because I don't like to wait in long lines. I sooo wish there was a Cold Stone Creamery near where I lived. Probably a good thing there's not; I'd be there all the time. Great pic of you two.


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