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Welcome...I'm delighted that you chose to visit! I started this blog in March 2010 and I am so happy that I did. It has made me more aware of the many ways that God is blessing my life. I have made some special friends who bless,teach,encourage,and entertain me! My desire is to be an encouragement to you. I hope you will tarry for a while and that you will come back to visit often.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

p is for pumpkins!

The youth at our church had a pumpkin patch this year
as a fundraiser. 
They started with 565! 
When we visited yesterday, they still had about 200.
When I passed by today, they had a lot less...
I hope they sold out!

Little E had a fun time exploring.
At first, she like the ones without stems.
Then I showed her how you could carry
 the ones with the stems.
And that was more fun...and you could carry two!
But then they got "heaby", so Gran had to help out!

She made her choice and it was time to go!
Her dress (a birthday gift from a very talented cousin)
was the perfect attire for a little Punkin's trip
to the pumpkin patch!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

what's up?

I haven't forgotten the promise to post ship pictures...they will be forthcoming. There has been a lot going on here....a trip to Tenn, football games, birthdays, hubby starting his seasonal job...well, you understand!  Today, is just a post about nothing!

It is deer season here in Georgia, so there is a lot of talk about it. Businesses refer to it in their print ads and commercials. I passed a florist yesterday and their sign out front said..."It's DEAR season here all year!" :-)

I was listening to K Love...my favorite radio station yesterday and heard this...."being in a position of authority should mean you are in a position to help others. The main character quality of being a leader should be a willingness, a desire to serve." Good stuff!

The point of flag football is... no tackling. Couldn't help but notice there were a lot of bodies on the ground at the grandson's game last night! :-)

Also heard on the radio that Texas has decided to discontinue awarding ribbons, medals, and trophies in community sports simply for participation. From now on they will have to be earned by winning. Not sure how they will enforce that, but I have to say I think I agree. I am reminded of a line in the kids movie "The Incredibles" where the dad talks about "rewarding mediocrity". I would rather we encourage excellence.

We are having gorgeous weather here! Haven't had a day over 80 in a few weeks. We could use some rain, but we are still ahead for the year because we got so much this spring and summer. Wonderful not to have to turn on air conditioning or heat! Beginning to see a little color, but it takes a while here in the deep south!

The youth at our church are selling pumpkins this year. I am headed to the "patch" here shortly. Our daughter wants to take some pics of Little E among them. Look forward to seeing her reaction...she can say "orange", so I imagine we will be hearing that over and over!

Our Encore Azaleas are blooming again and Hubby's pepper plants are still thriving! My impatiens are getting "leggy" but they are still blooming. I have pinched them back so we will see if they hang in there until it freezes. They have lasted until Jan the last two years because our winters have been so mild.

Made a double recipe of banana nut bread Sat morning. When I took it out of the oven, it didn't look just right. When I checked my bag of flour....I had used plain instead of self-rising! Ugh! I mean it is edible, but not nearly as good as usual. So disappointing...especially after smelling it as it baked!  Not the first time I have done this, but I do hope it is the last!!

Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by and (if you made it this far!) enduring my ramblings!

Monday, October 28, 2013

double the blessing, double the love!

We have TWO reasons to celebrate today. 
Our Little E turns TWO
 and her uncle, our younger son, turns THIRTY TWO!

Our son loves his family, works hard to take care of them
and has a heart to do what is right. 
Little E has a loving mom and dad
that take care of her and she is learning
how to do what is right!
Our son has been making us laugh since he was a tot
and Little E is doing the same.
They both bring light and joy into my life...
I love them so!

I would amend the scripture a bit to say...
"Children (and your children's children) are an heritage from the Lord!"
Psalm 127:3

Sunday, October 27, 2013

a lesson in a shoebox

Our family has been packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child since our boys were young...even before our daughter was born. It was always great fun to shop for the special items we would put in each box. We always wanted them to be FULL, so sometimes it took several attempts at arranging to get everything in! Today, I had the opportunity to share that experience with our 6 yr old grandson. He was surprised to hear that there were children in the world who might not get a Christmas gift. His first response was to give some of his own toys. When I explained that we were suppose to give new items, he could not wait to go shopping. As we went through the store, he was convinced that the box would surely hold "one more thing"!

It was a sweet blessing to share this tradition...and a lesson on giving and gratitude...with him!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

worth the money

google image

I saw this movie today. It's a good story of reconciliation,
second chances, and God's protection 
even when we make bad choices.
With this movie, we have another opportunity
 to show Hollywood we will support good, clean, moral films.
I think it was worth the price of my ticket to do that!

Monday, October 14, 2013

st marteen

St Marteen is a 34 square mile Caribbean island with a population of about 78, 000 people. It belongs to two countries...France controls about 60%, the Netherlands, 40%. However the Dutch side is more populated.The two countries live harmoniously and travel from one side to the other without border checks. But, a call from one side to the other is an International call...even if you are next door neighbors with just the border between!! And don't think you can use your cell phone...there are towers to block them!

This greeted us as we  headed from the dock to...

our nice air conditioned tour buses!!
Much nicer than our transportation on St Thomas.

Thought these were neat...twirling windmills.
They served no purpose...just an art feature.

Our guide was Danny, a life long resident of St Marteen.
He was very informative and enjoyable. He slowed down
so we could get a shot of our ship.

Expensive resort...nice, huh?

Our first stop on the Dutch side.

 There were several round-a-bouts on our tour.
Each one had a statue of a well-known forefather.
This man started directing traffic when there were only 3 cars
on the island! :-)
Now there are thousands! The island imports many
models and residents from neighboring islands
come to St Marteen to buy their cars.
And their KFC! Missed getting a picture of their
Kentucky Fried Chicken Store, but Danny said
folks come by boat and plane to pick up
their bucket of the Colonel's finest!

Pretty waterfront on the French side.

Had to pay a buck to use this restroom...
but it was worth it...first class!

Our stop on the French side.
A couple from Cincinnati offered to take our picture.
We returned the favor and found out they had visited 
our fair city twice to tour our Air Force Museum!

There were some souvenir vendors and some lovely flowers 
at this stop.

This school bus driver drove for many years
and was known for maintaining good discipline
on his bus.

After our tour, we did some shopping and
made our way through an alley to the beach closest
to Front Street in Philipsburg, the main city on the Dutch side.
 That's our ship in the background.

We ate lunch at this seaside cafe...
not sure what the name was, but the view was great!

Saw this replica of a pirate ship as we were
 walking down the beach... cool!

This is Front Street where most of the shops are.
 Notice how narrow it is...and that the street is brick.
The palm trees are nice, too!

When we got back to the pier, I thought I should
take a picture of this "old sailor" and his ship!
(He served in the Navy from '67-'71on the
USS Dubuque.)
It's 209 ft high and over 1100 ft long...
a pretty big house boat!! :-)

One more post about our trip will include pics of the ship. 
It's a beauty!

Friday, October 11, 2013

game days

I haven't forgotten about St Marten, but the grand's
sports definitely take priority!
Number 8 is our girl mixing it up...

and throwing the ball in!

The girls' biggest fans...mom and dad!

That's her big sister on the right getting ready to defend...

 and kick it in!

Our grandson playing with a different kind of ball...
That's him with his hands ion his knees.

He's making sure we're watching!
 In their rec dept, at six yrs old, they play flag football...
no tackling.
And that's just fine with this Gran!

About to "low five" their opponents at the end of the game...
"good game, good game, good game..."

Our little "Steeler" and his fan club!

We love watching these kiddos play
and cheering them on...Woohoo!! :-)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

a fair day

Hubby and I went down the road this afternoon to Perry, Ga...home of the Georgia National Fair. So, St Marten will have to wait! This is the 24th year of the fair. The fairgrounds (which are immaculate and attractive) were built and the first fair was held during the administration of Gov Joe Frank Harris. There is a bust of him in the center of the property.

I liked what the plaque said about his faith.

There are thousands of items that are entered in various
competitions...all hoping for a ribbon.
Here are just a few:

cake decorating


(that's made with chicken wire!)

 and quilting

There are also jams and jellies
 (and anything else you can "can")
 I told Hubby he should have entered his peppers!
While we were there, they had a chili cook-off
and a chicken appetizer competition.

Folks also enter their collections...

There's even a scarecrow competition...
this was my favorite!
I think that's Uncle Si, from Duck Dynasty, behind me.
His beard was steel wool!

They do a nice job making the grounds pretty...

Of course, there are rides on the midway, but this is as close
as we got to them...

There are pedal boats in the lake and a sky lift over it .

And there are free shows like this one with Sea Lions

 and this one with professional high divers...

Yes, I said HIGH divers! He is 70 feet above the water!

There's a petting zoo and a circus (also free)
 and unique opportunities

Yep, there really was a camel!

Of course, the farm animals are judged...horses, cows,
goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits.
But they come at different times during the eleven day fair
and leave after their events are over.
Evidently we went during the in-between, because there 
weren't many animals to be seen.

The fair is a great event for the middle Georgia area.
It is a fall tradition that draws almost 1/2 million visitors every year.
And the grounds are used year round as a venue for
other events...horse shows, rodeos, concerts. RV rallies,
old book sales, etc.

The clock tower stands in the middle of the fairgrounds
It is a great place to meet friends and family if you're
coming at different times because it can be seen from anywhere
on the grounds and it is a marker for giving directions.

That tower gave me comfort when our kids were small.
They knew, if they ever got separated from us,
they were to go there....and we would come there to find them.
It never happened, but it was nice to know the tower was there
to go to if we needed it! 

We had fun today and came home tired...
that's what I call a "fair" day! :-)