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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yesterday, my daughter and I were in one of our bedrooms with 
the baby. We heard Little E and Little L laughing and squealing.
 It made us laugh to hear them having so 
much fun playing together.
Then, we walked into the family room and this
is what we found...

It may have been warm outside, but it snowed in Gran's house!
I had wondered how old they would be when they started
getting into trouble together!! ha! ha!

Thanks for all the sweet comments about our home re-do.
Our contractor and his team did beautiful work
and we are so grateful for the results!
Hope you have a wonderfully, blessed weekend!


  1. hehe, i hope it was "stuffing"!! awesome capture!!

  2. Glad they had fun but OMG.....what a mess to clean up!

  3. Oh, what fun they were having. What was that they found to make all that fun snow? Those little minds are continually thinking and they can come up with some of the cutest things but sometimes they are quite messy. Loved the pictures, made me think of times over the years we cleaned up messes that was so much fun making. Hugs

  4. is it feathers? what a mess and yikes crawling on the table... my son broke his collar bone when he was 18 months old climbing on the kitchen chairs... he spent many hours during his life in ER... these days they would accuse me of child abuse.

  5. Wow, what in the world did they get into? It looks like they had a ball.

  6. Oh dear. This brings back lots of memories of mischief at our house when the kids were little and usually when things were too quiet...

  7. Oh my, what did they get into? But it sure looks like they had a lot of fun. Funny how as grandparents, I just smile at messes ... when I was parenting a little one, the same messes would have gotten a scolding. ;-)

  8. Wow, what a mess! But looks like the kids enjoyed it! We've been having lots of real snow here where I live.


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