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Monday, February 10, 2014


No, I didn't have a facelift...
but my old hope chest did!
My parents gave me a Lane hope chest for
my 17th birthday.
I came home from school and it was sitting just inside
 the door with a huge pink bow on it!
I was so surprised!
For a couple of years, it held dishtowels, cookbooks...
you know the kind of things you put in a "hope" chest...
hoping you will need them one day!

After my "hopes" came true and I was using those
things in my own home, it held wedding pictures,
photo albums, and keepsakes.
Then, the children came and it held baby blankets,
and baby books. And as they grew, honor roll certificates,
 baptism records, mother's day cards, report cards
 and hand-print pictures.
A few years later, it was yearbooks, diplomas...
and their wedding pictures!
Then, some of those baby blankets came out again to
be passed on to their babies!

After 43 years, the chest was looking a little sad...

So, I tried my hand at the new "chalk paint".
The name brand is pricey, so I found a recipe on line
and made my own. It worked well and I am pleased with the results!

I knew I wanted to put a cushion on the lid, so I found
 the fabric at Joann's and a tutorial on line.
With some hot glue, a staple gun and Hubby's help
we got it done.
The new knobs are from Hobby Lobby.

So, the outside looks new, but what's inside
is still old and precious...
baby books and diplomas, report cards
and mother's day cards...
hopes replaced with memories! :-)


  1. i have a lane one as well. i have similar treasures in mine. the top of mine was a cushion originally and i recoved it serveral years ago!!

    yours came out great, i love the color!!

  2. Very nice transition. That really was a fun tradition to have a Hope chest!

  3. wow, wish i could have a face lift that would change me into that beauty.. it sure looks different and i love it...

  4. Did you add a piece of wood on the bottom? I LOVE that makeover! Genius!

  5. Hi Kathy! No, that is a drawer. I had taken it out before the picture and didn't remember to put it back! I am pleased with the finished produt...glad you like it! :-)

  6. Your 'face lift' turned out great! It's hard to believe that's the same chest!

    We recently inherited an old cedar chest, that was made by Ed back in high school. I wouldn't mind giving it a 'face lift' if it would turn out as good as yours :)

  7. "hopes replaced with memories" -- profound. Stirs up all kinds of emotion, both happy and sad. I have been clinging to the truth that hope does not disappoint because God's love has been poured into my heart!

    I received a Lane cedar chest for high school graduation and, like you, have kept various household goods and keepsakes in it through the years.

    Once, we purchased a big tray of cookies from Costco and I asked my husband to hide them before he went to work so I wouldn't eat four or five that day. Lo and behold, it was a day that I opened up the cedar chest to find something -- and there were those cookies! (I wasn't even "searching" for the cookies!)

  8. Beautiful...your face-lifted chest. I remember girls getting Lane hope chests back in the day. Most special.

  9. What a nice face lift! It looks like it was a good investment so many years ago and it's pretty neat how the things inside change as the years go by. We got our daughter one for her high school grad and she just passed it down to her daughter who is 11. Now she stores her treasures in it.


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