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Friday, January 31, 2014

January...over in a "flurry"!

This has turned into an interesting week!
First, Tues evening, we had our snowstorm...first snow since 2010.

Thursday morning, Hubby took our taxes to the
preparer and found out we are going to have to pay more taxes...
for the first time in about 7 years.

Later Thursday morning, we had a patient in our waiting room
 complain of feeling bad.
One of our nurses and one of our PAs quickly
took him to an exam room.
His neck was hurting, he was pale and clammy,
his pulse was rapid and he was becoming
Our PA came out of the room and told one of
our receptionists..."call 911!"
The ambulance arrived with the paramedics and, shortly,
the patient was on his way to the hospital.
Only the third time, in the 13 years I have worked there,
that an ambulance has been called...the first time
since 2011.

Tomorrow, C.W. and I are going to the circus...
Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey!
It will be a first for both of us...
for him at 7, for me at 60!

So, January is ending with a "flurry" of firsts!
Makes me wonder what Feb will bring! :-)


  1. Scary situation ... hope your patient is ok.

    We were sure that we were going to owe more in taxes this year, but thankfully DH chose to have more taxes withheld from his retirement check and we will be getting a small refund.

    Happy February!

  2. enjoy the circus. i have been twice but so long ago i have forgotten what it felt like. i amsure they are different today than 50 years ago

  3. That was really a flurry! Have fun at the circus!


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