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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a "super" weekend

I spent the day with my daughter at her house Friday.
At lunch time, she made Little E a cheese quesedilla
to go with her veggies.
When she asked her what it was, she said,
We laughed out loud!!

C.W. spent the night with us Sat after we went to
the circus. Sunday morning, he woke up at 5:45.
When he came in our room, I said it was too early
and told him to go back to bed.
He was back at 6:15....I repeated myself.
At 6:50, he was back and, this time, he said
"Gran, I know it's time to wake up now
because I heard the birds "cheaping."
I pulled him to me, gave him a kiss and said,
"Chirping, sweetie, chirping!"
He smiled, said "chirping" and I got up!! :-)

The week before the "big" game, I heard on the radio
that the top three foods at Super Bowl parties are
pizza, wings, and nachos.
Well, at our house (for the third year) it was taco salad.
Our friends, the Deans, came for dinner and the game.
It was fun and, because, we weren't pulling for either team,
it was very relaxed.

It was a busy weekend filled with family, friends,
fun, laughter, and good food! :-)


  1. We had soft tacos/burritos with carnitas and beans and all the toppings. Delicious.
    It is relaxing to watch big games when you don't care who wins...

  2. We had Pizza on Super Bowl Sunday... ha .. Bet the Taco Salad was BETTER.... I liked a few commercials during the Super Bowl (both Budweiser ones were fav's) and the hybrid dog one... BUT--my favorite part was hearing Renee Fleming sing the National Anthem. Fantastic.. Made me teary!!!!! She brought some class back to that gorgeous anthem... Wow.


  3. I love taco salad but nothing beats wings!!

  4. that is a great way to wake up, better than an alarm clock

  5. Love what the kids said.....too cute! Sounds like a perfect weekend......


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