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Thursday, February 13, 2014


We don't have a pet now and haven't had one for a few years.
But for most of our marriage, we have had one or more dogs....
mutts, mostly, but we also had a Cocker Spaniel.
 We've also had parakeets and fish and we even took care of
some baby squirrels who were separated from their mama.
One pet we have never had is a cat.  I think they are pretty to look at,
but have never cared to own one, (Can you even own a cat? ha!)
I have a friend who LOVES cats and when I visit her, her cats
are very affectionate...which I'm not that crazy about!
Something about them just makes me "antsy"!
My friend says they know that and that's why they do it! :-)

Well, it seems there is one from down the street
that would like to live with us.
He/she spends her days in our yard...
watching and chasing the squirrels and birds,
keeping guard over our fish pond (which is covered
with a net for the winter so, right now she can't get to the fish!),
and greeting us as we come and go.
He/she is a pretty cat and looks well taken care of.
We've never fed it or encouraged it to stay, so I'm not sure
what the attraction is. Hubby says it is the "critters"!
The owner's yard doesn't have trees like we do...
or a fish pond!

Maybe she is a reminder from God to be kind to strangers
and to love those people you aren't that "crazy about"!
To be tolerant and accommodating and patient...
to share what we have...even our yard! :-)


  1. That is one pretty kitty. Well, I understand your sentiments about cats but for the past 10 years we have played host to abandoned, rescued cats. Ha! Who knew that I would grow so fond of them but I have. We only have one cat left that was rescued from living in an apartment parking lot year round. It had been there two years when we got "Baby" and he has been a wonderful cat. No scratching furniture, loves to bird watch from the safety of our home. We have too many coyotes outdoors for him to last long out there.

  2. i can tell you cats do know people who do not love them. my dad was a cat/dog hater. he did not like animals at all and certainly not in the house. he was a pastor and had to visit all the families in the church. every house that had a cat they would sit/walk/lay on him. i would try to get the cat to sit with me, they would go straight to daddy. i think they knew what he was thinking.
    your visitor is beautiful.... we always had a dog but only outside... when i got married the first thing i did was get and inside dog and several outside. we had turtles and snakes and frogs due to my son loveing them

  3. I like your perspective. We don't "do pets" so we're not comfortable to be sniffed and to have our laps become resting spots for cats or lap dogs when we visit homes with pets. Cats in the yard are fun to watch. I'm not thrilled with what some of the dogs in the neighborhood want to do in the yard, though. LOL! It's amazing these days to see all the dogs that are allowed into stores... Anyway before I say too much I'll think about the kindness to strangers part instead...

  4. Well she is a beautiful cat. I am any kind of animal person. I can't help it. I just love them. She looks like she has adopted you. I don't think you have any choice in the matter.
    I know the look. :)

  5. it's a beautiful cat but i am not a cat/dog person either AND they all know it!!

  6. I had to laugh out loud Ellen B. My husband is not an animal person, but when we are in a house with an indoor cat, they go to him, hop in his lap, so funny. He really does love animals that he gets attached to, but just has no desire to get attached. I am a lot like that, although I do love to play with a kitten and pet a lap cat.


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