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Friday, February 7, 2014

art and war


Saw this at the movies today.
It's the true story about a part of WWII history
that I never knew. There were 7 men
(five Americans, one Frenchman, and one Englishman)
whose job was to retrieve art and atifacts
stolen by the Nazis and return them
to their rightful owners.
Thus, "The Monuments Men".
They recovered over 5 million pieces.
It was very good...some funny lines,
some touching moments.
And it stars George Clooney, Matt Damon,
and Hugh Bonneville...Lord Grantham for
all you Downton Abbey fans!!
It's not often that you can go to the movies
and actually learn something...
but I did today!


  1. I want to see that! We usually try to wait until movies come out on DVD but I may not be able to wait for that one! ;-)

  2. Someone else told me about this movie yesterday, they saw it also. I had never heard about this before yesterday so I have learned something too. Hugs

  3. and i bet it was fun for them finding all those lost treasures.

  4. good to know....i would like to go to the theater and see a movie!!

  5. That is on my list of movies I want to see!


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