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Sunday, March 16, 2014

what's up?

This is what's up!

Saturday, my friends and I took our quarterly turn providing
dinner for the families at the Ronald McDonald House.
We met several families with children ranging from
 5 days to 12 years old in the Children's Hospital:
a preemie, a little boy with spinal meningitis, and a
little girl who went into a diabetic coma.
We were happy and grateful to hear that they were
all improving.

It was Mexican night...tacos and nachos .
And, of course, dessert...brownies and fresh peach cobbler!

Hubby enjoyed his birthday and this was his favorite gift...

made for his work shop by our daughter, her hubby
 and Little E. (Little E was napping)
If you don't know, Chief is what the grands call him! :-)

Being retired, he does a lot of "piddlin'"...so it is perfect!

It was a nice weekend! :-)


  1. That's such a great work you and your friends are doing for those families! I know they appreciate it! Chief is a cute grandpa name! haha

  2. What an awesome blessing you and your friends are to families who need a blessing.

  3. remove the word Chief and i could hang it over bob's workshop in our airplane hangar garage. he is always piddling around and for that i am thankful since if not he would be in the house in charge of the tv remote....i can't imagine how good you must feel when doing these meals for these families that are in such horrible times of their lives.

  4. What a nice gesture, to furnish dinner for those families who are experiencing hard times!
    I love your hubby's sign! My hubby likes to 'piddle', too :)

  5. Lots and lots of very nice things going on in your life. :)

  6. I had to laugh when I saw your hubby's sign because our kids used to tease my hubby that they were going to have their kids call him 'Chief'!! LOL!

  7. i remember other stories about the r.m house, what a wonderful way to spend your time!!

    and being retired is AWESOME!!!

  8. Such a fun gift for your chief and for the Ronald MacDonald House!


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