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About Me

About Me

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

a little tease

I couldn't resist this bouquet for $10 at Kroger

Every time I buy myself a bunch, Hubby asked,
"Where did you get the flowers?"

My answer is always the same...

"From my secret admirer."

He acts shocked!

After almost 41 years, it's a little game we play.
He knows I'm teasing and
I know that he knows that I'm teasing...
so it's all good! :-)


  1. the sunflower by its self is worth 10 dollars....

  2. Those are the best moments, those repetitive moments. That have happened 1000 times, those silly moments that the two of you have developed and shared. We have them too, and I love them!! Nice flowers, btw!!

  3. That is so cute Debbie. Lovely flowers too. You can't beat ten dollars.

  4. Beautiful flowers.... Makes me YEARN for spring here and the flowers we grow in our yard... Maybe it won't be much longer....


  5. Sweet. I need some flowers to bring some color and cheer into our house!

  6. That's funny! It's nice to treat ourselves to things every once in a while!


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