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Saturday, March 15, 2014

birthday buddies

Tomorrow, two of my favorites share a birthday...
a few years apart!! :-)

Little L turns two and...

Hubby turns...well, just say he is a good bit older! :)

Little L is growing and learning.
Her hair is beginning to curl and
our quiet little girl is not so quiet anymore!

Hubby works as hard as ever...chopping and hauling wood
(three truckloads this week), repairing anything around here
 that needs it, volunteering at our food bank and
helping our kids when they need it .

Little L is brave...no fear of slides or swings.
She loves being outside and terrorizing the family cats!

Hubby loves being outside, too. 
He loves the water...snorkeling, riding the waves
on a float, pulling a seine, and casting a fishing line.

Little L loves her Bubba (C.W.) and he loves making her laugh.
When she came to visit Wed, we gave her a gift, sang
 Happy Birthday and had cupcakes.
She had the best time blowing out her candle!
We did it over and over! :-)

I took Hubby shopping last night. So, he picked out
some things he liked and he has placed his order for
lunch tomorrow. I have been cooking this morning so
 it will be ready when we get home from church.
He's a "country cooking" kind of guy...
so the menu didn't surprise me!

Hubby isn't that big on celebrations...a hug and a kiss
and a Happy Birthday wish would be enough for him.
But, I'll have to say that Little L's birth on his birthday 
was a celebration he welcomed!
 What a special thing for the two of them to share!
Happy Birthday Hubby and Little L...
hope you get to celebrate together for many years to come!


  1. Happy Birthday to your little L and your dear Hubby! God bless them both!

  2. Happy birthday to big and little of it all... what a wonderful gift for him on his birthday and one that keeps on giving and giving...

  3. Happy Birthday to both of them. Hope they have a fabulous day!

  4. So sweet, happy birthday to those two special people!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Little L and your hubby. Hugs

  6. What a marvelous birthday gift he received 2 years ago! Happy belated birthday to both of them!


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