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About Me

About Me

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

a call to worship

It was about 60 degrees when we left for church this morning.
The sun was shining and the sky was beautifully blue.
The birds were singing merrily in the trees and
I thought... what a wonderful day to gather for worship!

"I will give you full credit when everyone gathers for worship;
when the people turn out in force, I will say my

Psalm 35:18


  1. Our church cancelled services this morning due to weather. I would have thought your. Or king would have been an absolutely wonderful day to gather for worship!

  2. Apparently our worship service was cancelled back home this morning...due to snow. But we are on vacation...and enjoyed a wonderful church service in Palm Springs. It's so easy to worship with total strangers...singing our 'hallelujahs' together.

  3. It was a beautiful day here, too! I couldn't help but notice my MIL's daffodils blooming in her yard, and know that spring is almost here.

  4. the weather here yesterday was as near perfect as we can get...birds singing, sun shining, it was an amazing day.... glad you had a great day for worship

  5. oh i am just a tad jealous...we got more snow today!! the daffodil is beautiful!!


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