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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

looking "springy"

Yesterday, when I took Little L outside to watch C.W.
and Chief play ball, I noticed our dogwood was blooming!
I love the simple soft white blooms.

Here's the hydrangea. It's amazing to watch the green leaves
grow daily.

Our Encore Azaleas are blooming again!
There are only a few blooms right now, but if the warmer temps
continue, there will be more!

We always hope they are blooming at Easter...
for pictures, you know.
But, Easter is late this year...so we will see.

So, the front yard is looking pretty "springy"!
And we saw the sun today for the first time this week.
When I came home from work, the birds were singing
happily in the trees...I think they were glad to 
see the sun, too!!


  1. ooohhh I am a tad jealous!! Beautiful images of these pretty blooms!!

  2. I need you to come work your magic in our yard. My encore azalea isn't looking very promising, and our dogwood isn't thriving, even though a landscaping guy said that it should as it's in an ideal location. Our hydrangea didn't bloom one single blossom last year. Our pear out front doesn't seem to be thriving either ... and one of our new maples out back appears to have several dead branches. Glad your plants are doing well ... seeing them green up and bloom is always thrilling, isn't it?

  3. I am thinking you are singing with the birds that spring is sprung or springing. we always took Easter photos in front of the azaleas to... love the dogwood. have not seen one in years. Happy first day of spring

  4. Beautiful pictures! Happy Spring.

  5. I was admiring the blossoms around our yard today, too! I'm so thankful for the warm weather and sunshine :)

  6. Love the Dogwood blooms....so beautiful!


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