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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Little L and her dad spent some time with us this week.
His favorite place when it's chilly is as close to our
wood burning stove as he can get!

He has always liked sitting on a throw pillow on the hearth.
I have pictures of him, when he was little,
actually sleeping there!

He's always been an affectionate guy.
He's a hugger and says,"I love you!"
with ease.

So, it hasn't surprised me that he rarely misses an
opportunity to snuggle with his children.

So, what could be better than ...

cuddle time by the fire? I think they would both say...
not much!! :-)


  1. i love each and every one of these photos... they all tell a story all by them selves. my favorite is the first one where she is trying to mimic the way he is sitting. i like to get close to a fireplace to...something about that heat that feels so good.

  2. oh how sweet, they are adorable together!!

  3. Beautiful, loving photos!

  4. I'm sure you loved your son's visit and your granddaughter... She's adorable....

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Handsome daddy, beautiful girl! Cuddle time is always sweet, but these are such sweet pictures especially having known this daddy since before he was as old as his daughter!


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