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Monday, March 3, 2014

a little care makes a big difference

Thanks to Hubby's efforts, we still have this poinsettia
to enjoy. When he saw me taking the picture, he said,
"It's not looking so good."
My response was, "Well, it still has its bracts and it's red."
Guess what he said..."What's a bract ?"
It made me laugh!
I am guessing that most of you know that is what the 
colored leaves are called...not petals.
Anyway, this is the longest we have ever been able to keep one. 
He has been diligent to water it and move it to get sunlight.
He has saved some impatiens in hanging baskets, too.
I guess we will see in a few weeks if they will bloom.

Reminds me of the difference just a little care and
 thoughtfulness can make. 
There is a woman in our church who is homebound,
She is blind and has lots of other physical problems.
Our Sunday School class, along with another class,
 provides meals for her every day.
Just yesterday, we were discussing what a privilege it is to be
able to help in this way...a simple thing for us,
but a huge thing for her.
Each day, she knows her dinner will be placed on the counter
and her lunch for the next day will be in the fridge.
Just think what a comfort that must be for her...

"If God so loved us, we ought to love one another."
I John 4:11


  1. Sweet stories of Godly care! Love it...

  2. Your poinsettia looks better than mine! I moved mine outside to the green house yesterday. I must admit, I didn't know what a bract was :)
    As for the home bound woman, what a blessing for all, to have her needs met through Christian love!
    Awesome post!

  3. so wonderful you can all help this lady with her meals... i can't imagine being in her situation without any one to bring in the meals... i have never hear the word bract so now i know. if you move to Florida you can plant that poinsettia in your yard and it will grow 8 feet tall....

  4. it is amazing what a lil love can do!!

  5. Well, I learned something new .. a bracts .. not petals. Such comfort for the home-bound woman to know her meals are taken care of. Great example of caring.


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