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Thursday, March 13, 2014

a happy find!

Who would have thought back when I was taking my children
to McDonald's for Happy Meals that one day a salad from there
would be one of my favorite things?

It's their Southwest Salad with grilled chicken.
I opt for the Ranch dressing instead of the southwest that
comes with it.
It has corn, black beans, cheese and tortilla chip strips
with three different lettuces. The dressing is Paul Newman's...
it is so good. And another thing that is good...
 it's only $4.99!!
So, I guess you could say it's my Happy Meal! :-)


  1. the price certainly makes it a HAPPY MEAL... and it looks good to and sure it taste good.

  2. I really enjoy that combination in a salad...

  3. Hi There, We are home from George's fabulous birthday trip. I will blog about it tomorrow. It was truly a trip we will be talking about for a VERY long time!!!!

    We don't eat at MacDonalds --but if we did, that salad does sound good. Mickey Dee's has been criticized all through the years at making people fat... YET--when they offer healthy choices, most people (kids especially) don't like them... Oh Well.


  4. I'll have to remember that one as we will be travelling soon.

  5. Yay for salads! I haven't tried that one but I'll have to soon.

  6. I am with you on the old pink look of the building. we were all upset because that building has been pink since they built it. it is a monument in our downtown and we always called it the Pink Palace.


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