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Saturday, June 12, 2010

there's really no comparison....

...my daughter's dress is more beautiful, more elegant, more sophisticated. But, at the time (37 years ago in a few days), mine was just what I wanted...simple, pretty, and made by my mother. She put two patterns together to get the style I wanted. She sewed seed pearls, by hand,in the middle of each flower in the lace that covered the bodice.....

.....and trimmed the sleeves and the hem. She labored for hours
using the same sewing machine that she used to make my
baby clothes.

I asked her to try it on...... just so I could see my daughter
in the dress her grandmother, that she
never knew, made for me. It is old and a little yellowed in places and it is back in the box in the attic.
But seeing it again, feeling it again, remembering
the love and care that it represented, I was overwhelmed,
anew, with gratitude for my mother and the gift from God
that she was to me.
Now, I know how she felt as she prepared
for her only daughter's wedding. How I wish she were here to help me
prepare for mine.....


  1. What a sweet dress. And how wonderful for your mama to have made your dress for you.

  2. What a beautiful story! I love the dress and that your daughter tried it on and took pictures in it for you!

    It's funny, my whole life growing up my mother kept her wedding dress in a garbage bag in the guest room closet on the floor! Can you believe that? I remember for years trying it on and when the time came I never even hesitated, that was my dress. Never even went to try on new ones! We had the sleeves shortened because my mom was married in November and I was a June bride. And we had to make a whole new veil since hers was damaged beyond repair, but the lady who helped us took the sequin designs off the sleeves and hand-stitched them onto the veil, which was very long! I still love it and now it's stored properly in hopes of maybe my daughter? Who knows!

    I hope you keep us posted on the wedding plans!!!

  3. This post made me happy and sad at the same time. Happy that you had a mother who took the time to make you such a beautiful, detailed dress. Happy that you have a daughter who modeled it. And, sad that your mother is not here to share in the special event that you have ahead of you. I am so thankful that you are sharing some of the plans with us. I really enjoy weddings.

  4. What a beautiful memory. Sadly, I have never even taken my dress out of the box. I doubt it will ever be worn - but I do know about those memories of sharing such a special event with my mother...and then wishing she were here when my own daughter married.

    Glad you stopped by my blog yesterday - and I am leaving today for vacation so there will not be an "official" Friday with Friends this (we will pick up next week!) but I do have something special this Friday so be sure to check back in:) Have a great week!

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  6. What a sweet post! Your mother did a beautiful job!

  7. Beautiful, Debbie. I thought about my own wedding dress the other day and how Momma and I had gone together to pick it out. I know by today's styles it would be considered very old-fashioned, but I still think it such a beautiful gown. I'm happy Saige was able to use my veil (refashioned for her). Maybe Aubie can use a part of my dress when that special day comes for her. See you this week - call me for the day that works best for you!


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