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Sunday, July 28, 2013

when north meets south...

I went to a baby shower yesterday with these two
sweet grands and my daughter .
It was for a young woman that I have known since the
day she was born...and her baby girl, Katelyn
who will be here in a few weeks!

The cake was cute...

the food was lovely and tasty...

the chocolates...creative...and...

the gifts were thoughtful and generous!

But the story to me is about this young mother's parents. Her mother was from Maine.
She joined the Air Force and was sent to the base here. Her father was born and raised here and grew
up in the church that we attended for so many years. At the time, there was a large single's group
at the church and many airmen/women came to be a part of that group. I don't imagine she ever thought she would meet the love of her life there...but she did! A couple of years later, they were married. Twenty eight years, seven children and 2 (almost 3) grandchildren later, they are still faithfully serving God....and as I noticed this morning (we are both in the same church again)... they are still holding hands! :-)

Some would say it was fate or chance or luck that brought this very northern girl and this very southern boy together for a lifetime. I say it was His divine plan!


  1. love the story want those chocolates... my hubby is from PA and I am from Savannah GA, so North met South and we are past our 28th anniversary. my first marraige in 1963 was to an Airman that came to my Dad's church. Daddy was a Baptist minister. but that one did not work out...

  2. Wonderful story! How special to be able to celebrate together...

  3. Great story of LOVE. My older brother (our last name was Banks) met his wife (who was also a Banks before marrying my brother) in California. So here was a case of a Virginia boy named Banks marrying a California girl also named Banks.... Her name became Evelyn Ruth Banks Banks..... True story.


  4. The decorations and "spread" are lovely! Miss Sally told me that it was a good shower. That was worth missing quilting class for the use of the building! Your girls look precious!

  5. WoW....everything looks wonderful!!

    would you guess that the purple chocolates are my favorite!!


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