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Monday, July 8, 2013

what's up around here

It's that time of year....when you have to decide if you want fresh veggies in the fall and winter, you have to can or freeze them in the summer. Since last Tues, we have "shelled and shucked and blanched and cut and bagged and packaged" three bushels of peas and one bushel of corn. It is definitely not a job for the "weak at heart"! Lest you think they came from my hubby's garden...they did not, but he did pick the peas. The peas and the corn were perfect...no stings or worms or any of those nasty things that can affect your yield. So, I believe we got our money's worth!

 Hubby put up this new bird feeder, but our feathered friends are not visiting it. It may be too close to the house. I would like to see the birds enjoying it, but it's more important that the birds actually eat the seed! So, I have another spot picked out if we decide to relocate it.

We have had lots and lots of rain over the past few weeks. I am determined not to complain because
we have had drought conditions for several years and that is much worse! Last Tues, I came home to water standing in our yard and running down our street. Our local July 4th celebration which includes a musical concert and a huge fireworks display was rained out on the 3rd. So, they rescheduled it for
last night, the 7th. It was rained out, too! They say they will reschedule it again...we will see! A local building supply store's sign said..."we have the lumber for your ark!" Funny, huh?

The rain has kept the temps mild and the grass and flowers are loving it. It is wonderful not to have to water things. Our little garden is thriving. I cooked a huge pan of squash and we are eating and sharing tomatoes daily. Loving the BLTs!! My hosta plants are blooming, too...that was a happy surprise!

I've been watching a Braves vs Marlins game tonight while shelling peas and writing
this post...tied 1 to 1 into the 14th inning. Our Braves have finally come to life...score is now
7 to 1. I think maybe it is safe now to go to bed! :-)


  1. We've had lots of rain also--but I'll take rain to drought anytime --especially since our temps are milder than most summers...

    Enjoy your fresh veggies. I'm sure you'll enjoy them NOW and all winter. That is AWESOME.

    The birds just need to 'find' the feeder. Most of mine are near the house --and they don't mind that. What kind of see are you using? I would recommend Black Sunflower Seeds.

    Glad your Braves won.

  2. That's a lot of work, but it will be so worth it this fall and winter. Sure wish there was a way to preserve tomatoes ... one that retained their original form - i.e., sliceability ... imagine a BLT in the middle of winter. Yum! Go Braves! (Except when they play my Cardinals! ha!)

  3. I always think it is such a nice feeling to have a freezer full of goodies when it is cold outside. I just can't imagine all of that rain.
    Every thing looks pretty and green though.


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