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Monday, July 22, 2013

'round here

It's peach season here in Georgia and we have an abundance
 of them this year due to all the rain we have had.
There are many orchards here in the mid-state...
not as many as there were when we moved here in 1976...
but it is still a big industry.
Hubby bought 1/2 bushel Friday.
We gave some away, have eaten a few, and I am putting
some in the freezer... a few at a time as they ripen.

They make delicious homemade ice cream and cobbler!

Our biggest hydrangea...the one in the front yard
 is looking full and healthy.
But it only had a few blooms this year...
that was disappointing because I love their big

The impatiens are happy...loving the rain and the mild
temps we have been having. We have yet to reach 100 degrees!
That is unheard of here.

I love the New Guinea Impatiens...the colors of their blooms
are so vibrant and their foliage is a rich green on top
and purple underneath.

The flowers are faded now, but our Encore azaleas bloomed
again! They cost more than regular azaleas,
 but if they keep this up, they will be worth the investment.

I bought these three books in the last week...  one at a yard sale
and two at our local used book store.
To Love and to Honor is an old book...
published in 1950. So, it's even older than me!
Not going to have much time to read this week or next,
but we are going on a trip after that...think a couple 
of them may make in into my suitcase!

Besides peaches, another thing we have lots of here
is Mexican restaurants! There are about 10 in our city 
and close surrounding area. We have tried most of them
over the years. A few weeks ago, we visited one
 that we had not been to in a while. 
It was exceptionally good, so we returned Friday night.
When we left, I thought,
"I think this will be our go-to place for Mexican."
I drove by it today on the way to the grocery store
and there was a sign out front...
"Property For Sale"!
Well, gee whiz... 

That's what's happening 'round here!
Hope your week is off to a sweet start! :-)


  1. Probably too many Mexican Restaurants for all of them to make it. Sorry it was a favorite one... There's a new one in our town --but we haven't tried it yet... But--there are lots of cars out front --which is usually a good sign.

    I love GA Peaches... We get them up here when we can... YUM.. Both Peach Ice Cream and Cobbler are fav's....


  2. I love peaches ... nothing better than a fresh, homegrown, RIPE peach ... but we haven't been buying very many the last several years ... the orchards around here all pick the peaches way before they're ripe ... we've tried letting them ripen on the counter, but they end up threatening to go bad before they truly ripen up. :-(

  3. two of my hydrangeas only got a few blooms, all the others are loaded.

    we could not get impatients here this year. last year the plants were infected with some type of disease and none of the garden centers were able to produce them this year. i miss mine!!

    the peaches look delish!!

  4. Oh bummer about the Mexican restaurant! We have our go to and it's not the best in the world but everyone knows us there and they treat us like family. Oh boy your peaches look real good. I'm craving baked goods...I'm guessing they must be my comfort food. My hydrangea had few blossoms last year and has mucho this year!

  5. Our local peaches are not quite ready for the picking over here...but you have me longing for peaches now! My hydrangeas aren't putting on much of a show this year either. I'm thinking I might have pruned too heavily. I love hydrangeas. Sorry your new favorite Mexican place is shutting its doors!

  6. After you read Christy, I'll let you borrow my DVD's of the TV show Christy and my 3 videos of the PAX (old network)series of Christy. You can tell it is my favorite book.

    Your flowers are beautiful. At the beginning of summer my hydrangea bush was full of beautiful purple/blue blossoms, but now they are small, scarce and greenish. Too much rain?


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