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Saturday, July 20, 2013

piecing it together

A kind and patient lady in our church offered to teach
a quilting class. I debated about whether to participate
or not but when a friend wanted to go,
 I decided to give it a try.
The pattern pictured above is the one we are using...
don't know what it is called.
probably tell us...she is a quilter extradordinaire!

Below are my fabrics....I think they are going to
look nice in our new family room.
Oh, btw, it's a small quilt (48x48)...just to get us started!

Here's my friend getting her 1/4 inch seam allowance 
marked on her sewing machine....we used painter's tape!
That's our teacher in the background. She has won ribbons at the 
Georgia National Fair....so she knows what she is doing!
It's a good thing because most of us didn't ! :-)

This was my work station.

Here are some of the tools we used. Quilting is not for the faint of heart
or for the "shallow" pocket. It isn't cheap getting started!
Hopefully, I will love it and use these over and over!

After some instruction, we started to measure and cut...
and this is what my pile of pieces looked like.

By the time I sewed the strips together, it was time
to leave. I have homework to do and we will have
class again next Saturday.
Nothing (so far!) has been hard, you just have to be
precise. I've always heard that carpenter's say...
measure twice, cut once. Well, the same holds true for quilting!

It's going to be like putting a puzzle together...
Hope I have all the pieces!! :-)


  1. Oh my, thanks for the very kind words, dear one. And yes, I do know that pattern. It's "Shoe Fly" ... I haven't made a quilt using that pattern, but I certainly would like to ... I'm a sucker for patterns with triangles.

    I'm so glad that you're doing well in your class ... and you are so very true when you say that accuracy is the key! How big are the blocks going to be?

    I sure hope you continue to share your progress with us ... I can't wait to see more!

  2. You can tell I was concentrating hard on getting that 1/4 inch marked correctly with the painter's tape and I STILL messed up =). I am happy with what I have done so far on my quilt even if it will be smaller than everyone else's. =)

  3. I love your fabric colors. Have fun learning this new skill! I had a similar experience many years ago when a mother/daughter team passionate about quilting coached several of us at church through Christmas tree skirts and matching stockings. It's truly amazing how you sew strips together and cut the opposite direction and - voila! - you have all these new little strips of beautiful colors!

  4. ohhhh i love the fabrics you chose!! i can't wait to see it all done!!

    i have "quilted" in the past but love learning a new craft!!

  5. How fun! I love to see the beautiful colours and patterns and works of art that my quilting friends come up with...but have never tried it myself. Maybe one day....


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