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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

beach trip, part 2

With 13 of us under one roof, there was always something going on.
I don't know why anyone would put an organ in a beach house, but 
the kids liked playing it and Little E liked dancing to the music!

Bubbles are always a must...in the backyard and on the beach.

Someone was always using the laptop...sometimes it was a group
activity...like watching funny stuff on youtube!

She was looking for a moment of peace and quiet 
and wasn't interested in having her picture taken.

Looks like it was her turn...with some supervision!

This boy doesn't go anywhere without his
monster trucks. Just give him a flat surface and he is happy!

Of course, there was lots of eating...

and there were lots of places to do it!

Our oldest grandgirl and I found a couple of hours
to have some one-on-one time.
A little shopping, an ice cream cone and a walk on the beach
made for a sweet time!

Our last night found us at the putt-putt course.
It rained that day so the evening temperature was perfect
for 18 holes!

Back at the house, there was wrestling to be
taken care of and...

movies to be watched!

With all the activities, I did take a moment after
we took our family photo to stop and admire the flowers.
They were all over the place...just like us!

The forecast showed the possibility of rain every day
and it only rained once. We had plenty of room and 
plenty of food. Everyone arrived there and back home
safely. No one got sunburned or bit or stung.
We were happy when we arrived and happy when we left!
God certainly blessed us with a special week...
for that I am very grateful!


  1. 13 under one roof.....what a blast!!! I remember times like that at my dad's cottage near Antioch, IL....those were fum times.

  2. Awesome family photos, sound like so much fun!!

  3. Sounds like the perfect beach trip with family....

    Happy 4th of July. God Bless America.

  4. Those are the perfect bookends...happy at one end and the other, too!
    Happy Independence Day to you!

  5. Wonderful memories made on this awesome trip with your family. Perfect! Have a wonderful Independence Day!

  6. Some pretty tans happening in these photos. Looks like y'all had such great fun!


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