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About Me

About Me

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a flower in the grass

I like lirope... border grass to some.
It helps to maintain order in and gives
shape to flower beds.
It gives a finished edge to sidewalks 
and driveways.
It adds interest to your yard
and it's pretty...
especially when it...


The little flowers are such a pretty shade
 of lavender.

And there are so many of them!!

It makes a walk around the yard happier!

Hope you are having a happy week!


  1. beautiful and a "clever" title!! i always try to guess from the title, what i will be reading about!!

    my kinda color!!

  2. I'm so glad that our landscaper included liriope in our landscaping ... I love the grass but especially the pop of color when it blooms.

  3. beautiful, i did not know the name of it

  4. Oh, yours is so pretty. I wish I had that much of it. I only have two plants. I think I will get more next spring. Hugs

  5. I have never seen that before. Very nice looking along that sidewalk! I'm loving the purple blooms on big, wild Russian sage that is all over our arid state this time of the year.


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