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Thursday, July 4, 2013

on the way home

Going home from Jekyll for us means going
 over the Sydney Lanier Bridge and going through
Brunswick... the Hubby's hometown.
There's a local restaurant there with good seafood and
reasonable prices, so we decided to hang around for
a little while and have lunch there.
(Check out time for the house we rent is 10 AM.)
We drove to the waterfront...

and I took a few pics of the shrimp boats.

Many manatees, or sea cows, are injured every year 
by the propellers on boats. I was glad to see this sign 
encouraging boaters to be mindful of these gentle creatures.

 Oleander bushes were blooming profusely and swaying in 
the brisk breeze that was blowing.
I had to hold this branch still to take the picture!

We drove down Gloucester Street. It is an old downtown,
but they have restored the buildings...

And with the lamp posts and palm trees,
it's very attractive.

This little outdoor cafe with the pretty 
crepe myrtle made a lovely corner.

And live oaks with draping moss are a
 common sight on the Georgia coast.

Then we drove down the street where Hubby grew up.
This was his home. It was a simple frame house back then.
In recent years, an exterminating company bought it and
 bricked up the facade and enlarged it. Most of the other homes
 on the street have fallen into disrepair, so I am glad his house
 was bought by someone who has taken care of it.

You don't see many McDonald's like this anymore.
Those Golden Arches are cool!

Finally it was lunch time, so we headed here...

and enjoyed some yummy shrimp and all the trimmings!
Well worth the wait!!

After about 90 mins on the road, we stopped to visit 
Hubby's aunt. Leaving her house, I spotted this place.
A good cuo of coffee was just what we needed to perk us up 
for the rest of the drive home.
Don't you like the name?

The young couples had dates on Thurs night of our vacation
and Chief and I kept the grands.
We had our date on the way home...
and it was worth the wait, too! :-)


  1. Oh Yum, That seafood reminds me of our wonderful seafood dinners when we go to Calabash in NC.... YUMMMMMMM....

    I'm sure it was nice for hubby to ride around his old stomping grounds for awhile. Bet things have really changed... Obviously, his boyhood home has changed..

    We had rain all day --but we still enjoyed our BBQ and watermelon!!!!!


  2. I love, love, love the live oaks with moss. We didn't visit Brunswick the two times we visited SSI/Jekyll Island ... I think we'll have to the next time we're there.

  3. I'm glad you made a little time for your date, too! Lovely photos.The first time I experienced the moss covered oaks was in South Carolina when we flew back for Andrew's graduation at Parris Island. Amazing...

  4. i love the name Common Ground.. and never have seen arches like those.. really cool and must have been one of the first ever built.

  5. manatees, one of my favorites....

    and fried shrimp, they look really yummy!!

  6. Nice commentary of your trip and the fun places you got to see. Thanks for viewing my site today (which is a rarity on a Saturday)

  7. Love the "end of vacation" photos and post. What a neat way to end your vacation!

  8. I guess you can tell I have finally had time to catch up on your blog. I had to go all the way back to June's first entry.

  9. Oh aren't turquoise heels amazing, esp at $15! Amazing. Glad you have a turquoise girl. It is quite the color, huh? (hug)

  10. yes, oh and thanks for loving that scarf, too.


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