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Monday, July 15, 2013

now the fun stuff!

Lake Tobesofkee is a county run recreational area
about 25 miles north of us. It is a pretty place with
two campgrounds, three beaches and picnic areas.

On Mother's Day in 2008, a tornado hit the park
and did extensive damage. It was closed for many months
as repairs were being done. 
These trees survived but you can see their permanent
bend...an ever-present reminder of that terrible storm.

Our home-away-from-home! 

Two guys and a boat!

There were races...I told them they better slow down.
I think they were breaking the speed limit!!

There were ducks and geese to feed...everywhere we looked .
This guy and some of his friends came to our site looking for a hand-out!

The boy is a lot like his dad...never meets a stranger!
It didn't take him long to make friends at the beach.

Playgrounds are always a  happy sight...
who doesn't like to climb and slide and swing?

Silly guys playing SkipBo.
I was glad we had games and books and DVDs
when the rain was falling outside!

Our daughter lives a few miles from the lake, so
Little E came to visit while her mom was at work.
She LOVES her cousin!
Every time she sees him, she squeals and he always
gets a hug and a kiss.
He loves her, too. Every time he says her name...
he smiles! 
That makes this Gran's heart glad!

He was glad that she came. They had great fun feeding 
the ducks and playing in the water together.

Little E liked the playground, too!

I bought these water guns for the beach, but
they worked at the lake, too!

Both guys caught some fish...bream...

and catfish!

The boy took this responsibility very seriously!
He was in charge of steering while Chief was fishing...
Gran helped a bit! :-)

We took several boat rides and admired the lovely homes
on the shore.

The landscaping was pretty, too, and with all
the rain we've been having, everything was lush!

Hubby liked teasing the geese with his boat.
He said it was so I could get a picture of them 
in flight. :-)

At the entrance to the campground was this
memorial to the responders  
of the 9/11 attacks.

Impressive and thoughtful... a nice thing to do.

We came home Sat and went to church on Sunday...
me and my boy just before going in for Sunday School.

His mom and other grandpa came by to pick the boy up after lunch.
We sure enjoyed spending the time with him and when I asked
him what he liked best...the list was long!
That makes this Gran's heart glad, too! :-)


  1. Lots of great memories being made...

  2. Looks like loads of fun --with the grandchildren... Nice park... Sorry a tornado did so much damage --but it looks great now.


  3. Y'all made his weekend! Great grandparents, you two! I guess when you're great grandparents, I'll have to say GREAT great grandparents!

  4. Wow, what fun ... and the memories made. What a wonderful grandma and grandpa you guys are.

  5. great pics sharing your special lake time with your grandboy and nice scenery. Your values are demonstrated so well in this post.

  6. It looks like you all had the best of times!


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