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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

walking into a cast

I haven't shared this before because I didn't
 have any pictures, but about 3 weeks ago 
our Little L who had only been walking 
for a few days....
fell and broke her leg!

It was a small fracture beneath her left kneecap.
They put a splint on at the ER, but her pediatrician
said it needed a cast.
So, a pediatric orthopaedist fixed her up
with a pink cast!
She was a real trooper during the x-rays and
both procedures.
The cast only had to be on for two weeks...
but her mom and dad said it was a
L-O-N-G two weeks!
She learned to crawl dragging it along,
but sleeping was difficult.
Friday, the cast came off!
She is standing on her leg, but hasn't quite figured 
out that she can bend it again, so she is
 still crawling funny!
We were so sorry it happened, but were so grateful
that it was not worse!
Something tells me she will be running around 
before we know it!


  1. awwww poor baby!! if she has to wear a cast, at least she's doing it in style!!

    pretty girl, pretty shade of pink!!

  2. oh.. poor thing! Something tells me it was probably harder on the fmaily than on her, though. Hope you get a photo of her running soon.

  3. Oh boy...I bet that's harder on the parents than on the little one. Glad it was a short time!

  4. Oh how sad---that she broke her leg at such a young age. BUT--kids do great with things like that, so I'm sure she did also... What a cute little gal...Bless her heart.

  5. It was great that she did not have to wear the cast longer. She is just such a cutie and I bet too she will be running around before you know it. The little ones seem to mend quickly most times. Hugs

  6. cute little pink cast. when my son was not quite 2, he fell off the kitchen chair and broke his collar bone, for 2 weeks he had to wear a brace that went under both arms and crossed chest and back. i remember that vividly just like yours will remember this one.

  7. Oh Poor baby. She looks adorable with the pink cast though. She must have taken a really hard fall.

  8. Awwe...my heart goes out to her. She is very sweet...cast & all!

  9. Oh my, that is so sad that she fell and broker her leg. ((HUGS))


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