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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


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When we went to church Sunday night, it was hot
and the sky was clear.
About an hour later, we heard a roar...
it was a downpour of rain that came hard and loud
and out of the blue!
It lasted about 5 minutes and, as quickly as it had begun,
it was over!
When we left church a little while later,
it was much cooler, the air smelled fresh and clean,
and the sky was as a beautiful blue!

Made me think about the storms of life.
Sometimes they "come out of the blue"...
they are unexpected and they hit hard.
They may be short-lived, but they may be a lot longer.

I am grateful for a God who is there to see me through the storm.
He offers comfort and direction and assurance
that there is a purpose that, ultimately,
will be for my good.

That doesn't mean I always know what the purpose is.
Last August, after months of anticipation and weeks of
preparation, we had to cancel a trip to Alaska because
a delayed flight made it impossible for us to arrive in time
for the cruise ship's departure.
Now, a year later, we are preparing to try the trip again!
I still don't know why things happened the way they did,
and honestly, it took me a while to get over the disappointment.
I kept thinking I was going to wake up from a very bad dream!
But, I knew God loved me and that I could trust Him, so
eventually, I moved on and started making other plans.

We have planned a little better this year, so I am confident
things will go well. But if the clouds start to gather...
I know God will be there to see me through! :-)


  1. Good thoughts of God's hand on our lives and circumstances. Hope all goes well for your trip.

  2. I believe that sometimes we won't know the purpose for the storms until we reach "the other side" ... until then we just have to trust that He is working His purposes through our storms and that He will see us through them.

  3. i LOVE a good storm but i prefer to be home safe when it occurs!! i enjoyed this entry, i hope you have a wonderful trip!!!!

  4. good luck this year, i remember the try last year... i love the way the sky looks and the air smells after a downpour...so clean and clear

  5. Such deep thoughts and I think you are so right. Storms never last. Then when they are over every thing is so much better than before.
    I am glad you are going again. I know God had a reason. Maybe this year, it going to be more beautiful than last year. Maybe He has some surprises that weren't ready yet and will be ready this year. :)

  6. I'm grateful that God will see us through all kinds of "storms".
    I hope your trip goes according to plan, this time around :)

  7. Yes,, those storms of life do happen to all of us... I remember when your Alaska trip had to be cancelled last year --but I also remember that your Plan B turned out pretty good, didn't it?????

    I hope that you make it this year... Hopefully, it will even be better than it would have been last year!!!!

  8. Oh, I hope you have such a great time! Cruising is the way to travel!
    Do you have a few days in Vancouver? There is lots to see and do there as well.


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