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Saturday, February 2, 2013

wintry day surprise

A while back, I talked about the Encore azaleas
 that we planted last spring.
I mentioned them because we were happy to find
 an azalea that bloomed more than once a year,

 But, who would have thought they would be
 blooming in Feb?
We have had some 75+degree days
 (which is not unusual for Middle Georgia)
 and I guess they got confused!

This week we are having freezing temperatures at night.
Hope it doesn't ruin these buds waiting to open!
It was quite a surprise to find this promise
 of Spring on a wintry day...
and I love surprises!


  1. Those azalea blooms are such a pretty color of pink. What a pleasant surprise to see them blooming in February!

    I planted an Encore azalea on the east side of our house (protected from the hot afternoon sun), but it didn't survive the winter. I tried again (we'll see if it survives the winter). But neither one bloomed more than once.

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait for spring to come this year. It's been a cold, snowy winter here!

  3. Koi fish can be considered pets. Well, maybe not. I think a pet is something you can "pet", right? hahahahha

  4. oh what a beautiful surprise in february. i will have to remember the name of that azalea, it's wonderful to have something that blooms more then once.

    i did see the football player making the snow angel and all i thought was, he did not have to freeze his buns off to do it!!


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