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Thursday, February 21, 2013

find a rug...how hard can it be?

When we chose wood laminate for the flooring in our new addition, I knew I wanted to buy an area rug. I thought the colors in it would help me choose my other decorative accessories. I have never bought a large rug before, so I didn't know there would be so many choices or that they would be so expensive!

I started looking at 9 x 12's. Didn't take me long to decide that an
8 x 10 would work just fine! :-) Also, though I wanted color, I kept being drawn to the neutrals because that is what our carpet has always been. I had to keep reminding myself..."color, remember you want color!" Then I would try to imagine what it was going to look like in our room with our furniture. One saleswoman told me..."you will probably have to take several home before you find the one you're happy with. I had to take four home and kept the one I liked the least in the store." Oh, joy! That's just what I wanted to do! 

After looking at several stores and numerous sites on line, our daughter suggested I look at Lowe's. I found two liked....
one...okay I admit it...was mostly beige with a little color on the sides. But, the other was more color than beige. I came home, slept on it (the decision, not the rug!), went back the next day, and brought this home...

 It's perfect! The size is good, the colors are great and it added just the right amount of...what is it they say on HGTV..."pop" to our room! Oh, and last but not least...it cost less than any other rug I looked at! 

I'm learning a lot during this re-modeling, re-decorating project. Some of the knowledge I will use again, some of it I probably won't. But, I am trying to enjoy it and remember that there is no deadline. We waited a long time for this room and I have the rest of my life to furnish and decorate it just the way I want it!! :-)


  1. I love that rug. Just enough visual interest and color but not too much to be busy or distracting. Plus, it rather reminds me of a patchwork quilt. ;-)

  2. Gorgeous, Debbie. I love it. Isn't it amazing how many things we can sometimes find at Lowe's???? That rug is gorgeous...


  3. the rug has MY colors in it, it would look great in my room. i need a new one but do remember how hard it was years ago when i bought the one we have and loved it a lot THEN but not NOW

  4. Now you know why I started making rugs. :) They just cost so much money. Area rugs are so expensive. The one you got though looks really nice.

  5. I like your choice....colour and neutral all at once!

  6. I love it! I resembles my rug that I have in my living room. Mine is grays, blues, golds and deep maroon. If you got to my "toots boots" post in December you'll see it in the background.

    And ...as they always say, great minds think alike. hahahahaha.


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