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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

do you re-store?

 Do you have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you?
 We have a small one here, 
but there is a much larger one in Macon
 where my daughter lives.
 We visited it last week with her and Little E.

 They have building products that have been donated
 and left overs from some of their construction.
Tubs and windows...

furniture and cabinets...

sinks and counter tops...

 toilet lids in any color you desire ...

and much, much more. 
The prices are great and all the money goes
back into their ministry.
It's a good resource for those re-purposing 
projects that are so popular these days.
My daughter bought an old drawer and half
of a wooden bi-fold door...
can't wait to see what they become! :-)
I didn't buy anything...this time!
But I am sure I will go back!
"Cause a visit to the ReStore makes you want to
"restore" something!!


  1. I have never heard of it - sounds interesting...

  2. We do restore and we've worked with one of our small groups in one of these stores to help clean up and re-organize. It's a good ministry...

  3. I know we have one but I haven't any idea where it is I need to go track it down. I think it would be awesome to go to one.

  4. How neat... I've never seen one of their ReStores. We do have Habitat for Humanity here ---but I am not sure where the ReStores are in this area. That is such a neat idea...


  5. We have a Habitat for Humanity in our area, but I'm not familiar with ReStore ... I will definitely have to check.

  6. we have a small one that is mostly furniture and housewares and clothes. then a big giant warehouse that is awesome, just about any thing there. they have anything from kitchen sinks to fridges all appliances and TV it is a great place to shop.

  7. Wow! Debbie, what a collection that place has.

    And ...yes family items are wonderfully just ours to have and to hold. Fun!!! Your comment made me smile.

  8. I only restore my own things and I have never been to a thrift store! At my age, I am trying very hard to scale down!

  9. Yes, we have one not far from us. My SIL worked there for several years. We have things in our home now that we bought from there. We have found some great bargains and love buying where we can help others. We need a new toilet lid so I hope the store here has some in stock. Hugs


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