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Thursday, February 7, 2013

rack 'em up!

 I love the clearance rack at our local Kroger grocery store.
 You never know what you will find there.
There are always grocery items, but other things make their way there, too.
Among other things, I've found a kitchen clock,
 light bulbs, a baby blanket, toys,
iPad accessories, Pyrex cookware, and
this Mexican serving platter...

 Yesterday, a friend told me about her latest find there...
three bins full of baby clothes.
Quality knit play wear for $1 a piece.
The price tag said they were $10 ...I probably
would not have paid that. But even at $5, a buck is a bargain!

So, I picked out a few things for our two babies...
18 pieces...$18!

I repeat, I love the clearance rack at Kroger!! :-)


  1. I always check out the clearance at Target. They have several around the store. I do not like paying full price! You did good....

  2. You did well! That's when I stock up for 'the shoeboxes' for Samaritan's Purse.

  3. Hi Debbie, We go to Kroger's almost every week--and ours doesn't seem to have that option. But--ours is an older, smaller store and they don't have clothes and other items like that.

    You got a good deal for sure.

  4. Debbie, if you click on her blog in my post, it will take you directly to her site.

  5. That is amazing. We don't have Kroger here but when were were back east for a visit I remember seeing lots of things like that there. But 18 pieces for 18 dollars is sure good.

  6. You got a bargain! Our grocery stores don't carry much in the way of non-food/non-cooking items.


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