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Monday, February 4, 2013

fishing...sort of!

The Hubby, or Chief as he is known to the grands, gets
great enjoyment from our Koi pond.
He likes watching the fish, feeding them, and, yes, 
petting them. They will let him hold them in the water
and they suck on his fingers!
When our three oldest grands were little,
 the first thing they wanted to do when they got here was
to feed the fish with Chief.
Well, it's not so novel with them anymore, but he has
 two more little ones, Little E and Little L, to teach.

At 15 months, Little E has caught on!
When she came to visit Friday, she got excited
when she saw the Chief and
 started pointing toward the back door!
We knew what she wanted to do!
So, she carried the food (in the coffee can) and 
out the door they went!

She has learned that the food is for the fish and not her.
So, she doesn't try to eat it anymore! :-)

She carefully drops it in and watches them eat.
Then she laughs and wants to do it again!

As you can see in the first picture, they both 
had big smiles on their faces...
I'm not sure who enjoys it more!

Well actually I think I do...
and he's not 15 months old!! :-)


  1. That's just so sweet. It's the "little things" like feeding koi that create memories that will last a lifetime.

  2. Love it! Simple little things that become wonderful memories...

  3. What great memories, Debbie... The grands will keep those special times of feeding the fish with Chief FOREVER... Love it.


  4. Oh cute. I can still remember the first time I caught a fish; a Rainbow Trout with the assistance of my Dad. I think I was only 5-6 at the time and I was all so thrilling. So fun. Hey, you are not too old for fancy socks. hahahaha.

  5. That is so cute! I love it when they start communicating in theri way and you realize they remember something from last time.


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