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Monday, February 18, 2013

re-purpose #1

 In an earlier post I talked about some re-purposing
 projects I had planned. I have finished two of them. 
I promised to share them if things went according to plan. 
Well, I am happy to say that...we are two for two!!
So, here is the first one!
Our daughter and her hubby bought a "pub" style
 dining table when they were first married
 2 1/2 years ago.
If you don't know what that is...
it is a high, square table with stool type chairs.
A few months ago, her in-laws gave them
 a bigger table and four chairs and they were kind
 enough to give their "pub" table to us.

First, the hubby cut the legs off to make them shorter
and them I lightly sanded it...

 primed it...

painted it black and sealed it with polyurethane...

and...voila! a new coffee table!!

I've always wanted one, but never had the space.
Now, with our addition, I finally do...and I love it!
It's not perfect, but I am pleased with the results
 and I think it will serve us well.
As a matter of fact, two of the grands have already
broken it in for us and it seems to be holding up! :-) 
The rug is new, too...
more on that later!!


  1. Ah---what a nice thing to do with the pub table... Love the new coffee table.. It matches the rug/sofas.... Looks PERFECT.


  2. Love that new coffee table! I like that rug underneath it, too.

  3. i love the rug... and you did a fantastic job of painting that table...plus i love all recycle jobs

  4. It is just lovely. I can tell you are having so much fun.

  5. It looks just perfect from here! Good job.

  6. Lovely! Things are looking good Miss Debbie!!

  7. That looks great! I like it on that rug!


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