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Thursday, June 2, 2011

being "pushy"....not a good thing!

We had a "pushy" patient come in the office yesterday. Actually, she wasn't a patient. Well, she was someone's patient, just not ours. Anyway, she walked in the door and wanted to be seen....I mean, like, right this minute! One of our receptionists told her, very politely, that she would be glad to make her an appointment. Oh no, she wanted to be seen immediately. Again, she was told, very calmly, that we are not a walk-in clinic, nor an emergency clinic, but we would be happy to make an appointment and see her then. Well, she just would not take "no" for an answer. She continued to insist, tying up our receptionists for several minutes, while patients (who did have appointments, by the way!) waited behind her. (Believe me, this was no emergency!) Finally, after talking to our office manager and being told the same thing several times, she left without making an appointment!

Got me to thinking about how often I get "pushy" with God. You know..."I know what I want.....and I want it now!" Yesterday, Lorrie talked about taking things "step by step"....not always seeing what is ahead, but acting on what is given us this day. So often, I want to rush ahead, push past things that are there for a reason, ignore the "slow" or "yield" signs.....MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Today was a reminder that God doesn't like "pushy" either. After all, how many times does He tell us in His Word, to be patient, to wait, to rest? He has good plans for me...."divine" appointments.... if I will just wait and stop pushing!


  1. I will remember this when I am pushy with God, that is a very good description of wanting my own way and not taking no for a answer. Even when I am in the wrong place.
    Very good I am going to think about this today when I go for my walk. Thanks, I am sure I needed this as it feels like it pierced my heart. :)

  2. A good lesson in how not to be with God!

    I smiled as I read this post. It sounded so much like stories my friend tells me...of situations that happen in her doctor's office. I think people are the same...no matter where we live.


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