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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

wednesday hodgepodge

1. Since these questions are posting on the first day of April it seems only
 right to ask-when was the last time you did something foolish?
If you can't answer that one, try this one-when was the last time someone fooled you?

Well, I'm not free to give details, but recently someone lied to me. It was
disappointing and hurtful. Not only did they fool me, but I felt foolish
that I believed them.

2. What's the last biography or non-fiction book you've read? Was it any good?

"The Story" It's the bible in story form highlighting the theme of redemption that runs
from Genesis to Revelation. It is very good!

3. Garlic-friend or foe? What's your favorite dish made with garlic?

Friend...in moderation. I use garlic powder more than fresh garlic. But I do have a
garlic shrimp pasta dish that is great.

4. Several Spring flower festivals happen in the US during the month of April.
Of those listed, which would you most like to see in person...The Skagit Tulip Festival
 in Skagit Washington, The Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville Tennessee,
The North Carolina Azalea Festival in Wilmington North Carolina or the
 Daffodil Festival Weekend on Nantucket Island, Massachussets?

The tulip festival I think. Would love to visit the state of Washington and see
fields of tulips!
5. How do you choose which blogs to read?  What is something that will make
you stop and read every time? Something that makes you say, 'eh, think I'll skip
this one and move on to the next'?

Being a Christian, I enjoy meeting new sisters in Christ so those blogs usually
catch my attention. As much as I appreciate design or craft blogs when I need
them for a project, I don't usually read them on a regular basis.

6. April is National Mathematics Education Month so tell us, when did you last use math?

Yesterday, working on a quilt I am making. I was adding lengths of strips together
to determine how much fabric I needed for the binding.

7. In honor of the A-Z challenge kicking off on April 1...choose one word
beginning with the letter A to describe your yesterday.

Able. Yesterday, I was able to get out of bed, go to work, shop where I wanted to,
eat without assistance, sew with my hands, sleep in my own bed. There are many
who can't or don't have the freedom to do those things. So, I am grateful to be "able".

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I saw this on the sign of a local business today...
"When you finish changing, you're finished."
There's a lot of truth there....may have to consider a post about that! :-)

Thanks to Joyce for sponsoring this meme every week! :-)


  1. Too bad about someone lying to you. That made me sad. It seems I keep running into things like that as well.
    I like your answers today. I hope you have a very nice day.

  2. i love these!! we are going to washington, d.c., soon, to see the cherry blossoms and the tulip magonilas!! they are just gorgeous!!

  3. Well...if you ever make it to Washington for the Tulip festival I'd be happy to show you around!

  4. The Skagit Tulip Festival is absolutely amazing!! One of my favorite things to do in April!

  5. Able ... I love that word ... truth.

  6. Sorry about the lie, that hurts. I also use the powder or the dried minced garlic. What a sweet answer for choosing one word!

  7. I love your number 7. Many of my friends are not able and some days I have trouble doing some things, but I too am glad I am still able.

  8. Debbie, I'm a day late in checking in with my Hodgepodge Wednesday friends, but I enjoyed your answers anyway. In addition, I was treated to the beautiful pictures of the pear trees in bloom. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Slowly making my way around to the HP posts this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I love baby showers-such a happy time. The Northwest is definitely on my to-visit list.


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