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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

freezer cooking

My daughter has a friend who has a flair for freezer cooking.
She started a blog about it and now has a large following.
Last year, she started having classes several times a year.
Each attendee pays a fee and she provides the ingredients.
When you leave the class, you have multiple meals ready to go
in your freezer to cook at a later date.
My daughter has been to one of the classes, has tried several
of her recipes, and has found others on her own.

As we were preparing to go to Tenn recently, she decided
she wanted to make some meals for her brother and SIL's
freezer....to help when the baby boy comes in May.

So, she enlisted Chan to help and...

they chopped...

and browned...

and sliced...

and bagged!

At the end of this cooking class, there were 7 meals
in the freezer...complete with cooking directions.
Each meal is either baked or tossed into a crock pot.

I thought this was an incredibly thoughtful gift!
My son and DIL really appreciated it...
I think they will appreciate it even more
 when they are eating them!! :-)


  1. What a blessing those meals will be!

  2. Freezer meals! What a great idea! I know, from experience, that gift will be greatly appreciated :)

  3. a really fantastic gift... i would love to be the recipient not the giver... i have seen these on TV a few times, places in NYC where people go to make meals together, then take them home to their freezer.... again, i want to be the recipient of the frozen meals....

  4. What a wonderful idea! I will have to try that for myself.

  5. That is a great idea. I need to do that someday and how sweet of her to make meals in advance for when the baby comes.

  6. Great idea for busy working moms, expectant mommies, and those helping an elderly family member. Such a thoughtful gift for her brother and his expanding family!

  7. That looks amazing. Our women's group at church keeps casseroles in the freezer for those times when sudden needs arise in the community. This would be a break from King Ranch and Taco Casseroles! :)

  8. Great ideas for BUSY families these days.. Hubby and I have always done something similar. Since there are only 2 of us, when we cook an entree, we always cook extra--and divide it up into smaller containers and freeze them for other meals. Works for us!!!!


  9. What a GREAT idea, all the way around!! I would love to take that class!!

  10. What a great gift! When I am preparing a dish, I often make an extra for the freezer...but that is about the extent of my freezer cooking. Great idea!

  11. This is such a practical idea for a gift and I know it will be much appreciated in days to come! Who does not love finding meals in the freezer, ready to go? That class sounds great!

  12. This is a great idea and I've known people that did it. I need to put this into practice and cut down on our eating out so much. It is a great gift for when that new baby comes!


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