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Friday, April 18, 2014


Thursday ramblings!

- Our first amaryllis bloomed Tuesday. They are so pretty...
wish they lasted longer!

- Chick-fil-A is selling fish for a limited time. What's up with that?
I also saw one of our BBQ places, Sonny's, is now selling
BBQ egg rolls! I'm sorry, but that just seems wrong to me! ha! ha!

- I went to the bank today for the office. I was the only one in the
three lanes of drive-thru. We scan the checks now, so
the deposits are very small...just a little cash. It took the teller
15 minutes to process my deposit. That seemed like a
long time to me.When she came back, I almost
(notice I said ALMOST) said, "I thought you got lost!"
But that would not have been kind, so I just said,
"Thank you!" and left.

- I cut the strips for the next quilt I am making.
 Funny, how many widths there are in
bolts of fabric  that say "44-45" inches. One print is 42!

- Have you ever thought of what you should have/wished
you'd said after an encounter? Last week when we went to finish
our taxes, Jackie, our preparer, greeted me and we had
the usual exchanges. Then, she looked at me and said,
"You look really nice. Have you had any work done?"
After a moment of unbelief, I said, "Uh, no!" The next day,
I was thinking about it and it hit me...I should have said,
"As a matter of fact, yes...I had my ears pierced!!" ha! ha!

Ok, enough of that! Hope you have a sweet Friday!
 Thanks for stopping by....your visits
and comments bless my days!


  1. Wow...just wow about that comment. Ha!
    Have a lovely Easter!

  2. You should have said, No, i haven't, have you? some people just slay me with the things they say. our bank has so few people going into it or using the windows that they have a for sale sign in the parking lot.

  3. I would hope the comment was made as a compliment but people do say the strangest things. You're like me, always think of a quick comeback after the fact. I love the pierced ear idea.

  4. Peeps say the weirdest thing, who says that?? Your bloom is gorgeous!!

  5. I'm one to think of what I should have said... =)
    enjoyed your random thoughts..
    Wishing you a Happy Easter!

  6. I always think of a witty comeback the next day. Ugh! Of course, even if I thought someone had something done, I'm sure I would have never mentioned it. Just doesn't seem right to me. I wonder if the fish is something Chick Fil A added for Lent? The nearest Chick Fil A is 45 minutes away, so we don't get there very often.

  7. I enjoyed your ramblings! I have similar experience at one of our banks every time I go through the drive-thru so most of the time I go inside to avoid the frustration. I was there a few weeks ago in the business line to make our church deposit. The girl finished my transaction and laid my money bag to the side and proceeded to wrap coins as she talked to the other teller! This went on for about 5 min and I admit that I was glaring a bit at her but I kept my comments to myself.


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