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Sunday, April 13, 2014

from pretty to practical

Our three largest azaleas have white blooms.
This one is by our driveway and is always loaded
with blooms. It has looked happy the last few days!

Our neighbors cherry trees are looking happy, too!

 Another neighbor has this pretty wisteria in their yard.
I love the way wisteria drapes...

and it smells so good!

When we talked with our contractor about our pantry,
we agreed (or so I thought!) on wood shelves.
One day, I came in after work to find one of his employees
almost finished installing white wire shelves.
He was confused, too, because he thought we were planning on wood.
He offered to remove the wire ones and start over, but I told
him not to. It wasn't that important to me, and I knew that in a few years,
I would have to re-paint those wood shelves...not my favorite
thing to do! For the most part I have been happy with the wire except
 for the fact that some things will not sit flat on the shelf...not good...
 and it makes it difficult to stack things.
Well, Hubby came up with a solution...
he found sheets of this plastic which are really made to cover 
florescent light fixtures. He cut them to fit the shelves and
...voila!! a nice flat surface! And because it is clear, you don't
really notice it. Grateful for a handy hubby!

 Got back in the gym a couple of weeks ago after months of
being, well...not in the gym! :-)
I decided I needed new walking shoes so I found these at Kohl's. 
They are Skechers with memory foam...

and soles that feel like "tiny trampolines"...
or so the box said!
Not sure I would describe them that way, but they are 
comfortable and make walking on the treadmill easier.

So, that's whats going on here...from pretty to practical!
What's going on with you??


  1. I love that idea for the wire shelves. That's what we have in our pantry ... with the same problem! We've got a couple of weeks before it'll be azalea time ... I hope ours survived the winter.

  2. Spring is such a happy time...with flowers smiling at us from every corner! Love it. I still need to wait a bit for my wisteria to bloom though.

  3. be careful walking on those tiny trampolines... you might bounce so high you take flight. i like the looks of them... and your hubby is soooo smart. i will remember this, i have wire shelves in all the closets

  4. Yes----you do have a very 'handy' hubby.... That was smart of him putting the cover on your shelves... I do like the wire though --especially now that it is flat.... Good Choice!

    We wear pedometers and try to walk EVERY day ---even when we are doing what we are doing these days, which is working in the yard... Lots to do this time of year --but good exercise.


  5. What a great idea to make those shelves more manageable. Love it. I need to find some walking shoes, soon. Beautiful blooms!

  6. I do like what your hubby did with those shelves, that is a bit of genius if you ask me. :)
    Your shoes look wonderful. I do love Sketchers. We have a warehouse real close to me, I try to stay away. :)
    Your blooming trees all look fantastic. I hope you keep having beautiful days.

  7. Love the new shoes and what a great idea for those wire shelves!

  8. great idea for those pantry shelves....i love doing little projects like that!!


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