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Thursday, April 24, 2014

an "out-of office" party

A year ago, we "bit the bullet" at the doctor's office
where I work and started the transition to electronic charting. 
It has been difficult and, at times, frustrating.
But, we have begun to see "the light" at the end of the tunnel
and are beginning to reap some benefits from this
"new fangled" way of doing things!! :-)

To celebrate this one year anniversary, the kind Doctor
took us all to dinner at O'Charley's.

There were 19 of us there tonight.
There were a few who couldn't come for one reason or another.
Here are those sitting to my left...

and those to my right. 

This is Terry, our senior Physician Assistant.
He's been with Doc for about 15 years.

Here's Doc ... he sure takes good care of us!

That's Jamie on the left (below), our newest PA...she's been
with us for 2 years.

That's my girl on the right. She works for Doc from home doing
public relations projects and occasionally fills in at the office.

One of the things O'Charley's is best known for is their
yeast rolls...large, soft, delicious!

Doc ordered several appetizers for us to share
 while we waited for our dinners.
They have a rather large menu...others ordered steaks, ribs,
salmon, salads. I chose shrimp scampi. It was yummy!

We talked and laughed and ate and ate and ate!
It was a fun and relaxed evening...a special way to celebrate
a year's worth of hard work.
I am very grateful to work with such nice people and
 for such a kind and generous boss.
It is a blessing to be able to call them all...
my friends!


  1. That's very nice to have this evening out for the year anniversary. Once Katie and I get to Jacksonville I'm sure we'll end up at O' Charley's. As far as I know we don't have any out West...

  2. What a great doctor you work for... BUT---I'm sure that the past year and the adjustments haven't always been easy.... Should I say that you ALL deserve that dinner??? We love O'Charley's Prime Rib dinners --that they offer as specials on weekends. Yum...


  3. great party and looks like you have a wonderful group to work with. good of doc to take out Out Of Office to eat... Our doc is attempting and attempting and attempting to become electronic since it is now a law, but she is so not computer literate and most of her staff are not either....they are really struggling with it

  4. What a nice treat. It's such a huge blessing when we consider our co-workers our friends. I miss the friendships and camaraderie from work ... not enough to regret being retired, but I do miss my friends from work.

  5. You are lucky to have such a kind boss, and he is lucky to have a staff that gets along so well!! All of my doctors use electronic charts, it's been years since I have seen paper!!

  6. What a nice perk and expression of appreciation from your boss. An organization is only as good as its employees, and your office seems to work well together. I feel for the growing pains you have gone through switching to electronic charting, but the benefits you will enjoy from here on out will be magnified!

  7. That looks like a happy and wonderful group of people you work with. The food sounds and looks yummy. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend sweet Debbie. Hugs


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