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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Our three children grew up without cousins.
It was something they missed because
 most of their friends had larger families. 
I remember one time, our younger son coming home
from a family get together at the home of one of 
his friends and saying..."we need some kids"!
I said, "Well, I've had all the children I'm gonna have.
So, having more is up to you and your brother
and sister!" :-)

Well, they are taking care of that...

so their children ARE growing up with cousins!
And it is SO much fun!! :-)


  1. How many grands do you have now? Glad your grands all have cousins to share life with. I didn't have many cousins either --and both of my brothers were grown and gone from home when I was growing up. SO--I was like an only child... I had no grandparents since they were ALL gone when I was born. My Mom was 42 and Daddy was 53 when I was born--so it was almost as if I was raised by my grandparents.... Quite different from most families.


  2. What adorable children! Cousins are so much fun. Hugs

  3. that is great they have their cousins. i grew up next door to my 2 first cousins, they were like sisters and my other 4 cousins i saw at least 3 times a year...cousins are great and your kids are all beautiful, adult and children.

  4. my boys were very close to their cousins growing up, both in age and distance. my sil is only 5 minutes away and we spent most summer days together. the kids are all great friends!!

  5. Cousins really are a joy to have. So glad your kids are getting the desire of their hearts!

  6. And even though mine had cousins, they only got to see the Atlanta cousins a few times a year and the age distance and the move to Rome kept the closeness with the WR cousins at bay. I missed that closeness for my kids too. I'm so glad Saige and Leah live closer to each other now so my grandkids will have cousins that will be close. Your grandkids are some cute cousins for sure!


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