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Sunday, January 19, 2014

free flicks!

I have seen three good movies in the last month...
must be a record or something!


Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks were great
and it gives you a new perspective
on the "Mary Poppins" story and movie.
A REALLY good movie!


Now, I never saw the original so
I can't make a comparison, but I really
thought this one was entertaining.
Ben Stiller is great and it has a 
sweet ending.


Just saw this today with C.W.
Beautiful animation, nice story.

Unusual to have so many good, clean movies
available at the same time...a real treat!
And part of our Christmas gift from the Doc
was a gift card to the theater...so I get to go for FREE!!

Thanks for all the kind comments about my 
quilting attempts. You are an encouragement to me!!


  1. Daughter has seen Frozen twice already. Those films are all films I was thinking I'd like to see. Thanks for your recommendation.

  2. Thanks for the reviews. Those movies are all on my list ... but we will likely wait until they're out on DVD. Just cannot bring myself to pay the $ they want at the movie theaters these days ... and that's before the popcorn and soda! (Of course, if I had a gift card, that would be a whole other story ... ha!)

  3. I haven't seen Frozen yet but plan to, however I did enjoy the other two also!

  4. I think all of those movies will be in my future. My son really enjoyed the Walter Mitty one and thought the photography was incredible. My grands loved Frozen.
    I will be watching them when they come out. I just never have time to make it to the theater. Isn't that just sad? Have a great week!


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