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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well, the weather guy was right...
It started Tues night about 9 o'clock
and stopped about 11.
Depending on where you lived, our area got
1-3 inches.
It got above freezing for a couple of hours today so 
some melted, but it's going to freeze again tonight.
So, its suppose to be here for another day or two.
Here's some pictures...

from our front door

the boxwoods that line our driveway

 the wood pile

hedgerow to the left of our house

looking down our street

tree next door

also next door

above, our fish pond frozen over
below, our "snow bunny"!

azalea by our driveway

ivy on our back fence

our house from the driveway

my car...look at that smile!
(stole this idea from Angela!)

"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor dark of night
shall keep the USPS from making its appointed rounds."
I said this to the postman as he dove up... it made him laugh!

Our first snow storm together was Feb, 2973, 
four months before we married.
It was  the biggest ever in Georgia...17 inches of snow!

Here we are almost 41 years later...
still "snow buddies"!

Last time we had snow was 2010 and it was really
 more ice than snow.
So, this is a real treat for us!
But... our city is not equipped for it, so schools,
our Air Force Base,
and many businesses closed.
But, I don't think there were many who complained
about having a "snow day"!  :-)


  1. Wow! We've been hearing such stories and seeing some amazing photos of your freeways!!

  2. I've been seeing the reports on the news ... it's amazing what a few inches of snow can do. ;-)

  3. Beautiful pics, Miss Debbie. I see some new ones that aren't on FB. Isn't the snow beautiful?

  4. You just enjoy your snow day...at home! :)

  5. You were lucky that you lived a bit south of us! lol


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