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Friday, January 24, 2014

baby, it's cold outside!

It's brrr... COLD here in middle Georgia!
Night and early morning temps in the teens...
not suppose to get above freezing today!

But, we probably won't get any snow...
we seldom do.
However, we have been adopting snowmen for
several years now.
So, regardless of the weather, we have
snowy friends to look at. :-)

The other Christmas decor is all boxed up
and put away, but our snow buddies
will visit until the end of Feb.
They make me smile and the grands
love playing in the "snow"!!


  1. my favorites are 1 and 10.... you should enter one of these in Chatty Crone contest to win a prize

  2. You have a wonderful collection of snow buddies! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Snowmen always make me smile, too!

  4. Love your little collection of snowmen, Debbie… We have had real snow (as you know) --but it's too cold to go outside and play in it…. ha ha


  5. I LOVE snowmen! Especially because they don't have to get put away after the first of the year! Wish we could get a little more of the real stuff. ;-)

  6. todays jokes came of www.ajokeaday.com but i get them by searching for jokes by subect.. as in train jokes or farmer jokes and i add for kids most of the time to weed out the dirty ones

  7. Oh I love all your snowmen!! My dil also collects them and I have always thought that I should too! :-)


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