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Saturday, January 18, 2014

q is for "quicker" quilting

It's late so this will be short and sweet!
But I did want to share pictures of my
second completed quilt.
They aren't the best because I forgot
to take any until after the recipient had opened it,
So, they were done hurriedly as we were headed to dinner.

Her favorite color is green and she loves hot tea, so 
(it's hard to tell but) the floral fabric has a green background
with tea pots and cups on it.
That was my "inspiration" fabric.
Then I chose 6 other fabrics to co-ordinate.

My machine is digital and has some decorative stictches
programmed into it...helpful
for beginners like me!

My Friend, Kandi, with her birthday gift.
She loved it and I loved making it for her! :-)

Now, for all the "real" quilters out there...
I know this does not compare with the time and skill 
that you put into your pieced and hand quilted
masterpieces. But this is about as complicated as
I can handle. I don't have the patience or the know-how
to do what you do!
So, please know that you will always have my sincerest respect
and I hope it doesn't offend you that I have the audacity
to call my little creations...quilts! :-)


  1. If it's a "sandwich" of a top, batting, and backing ... stitched together with a needle (of any kind) and thread, it's a quilt! And the person who made it is a quilter ... a real quilter! And your quilt is gorgeous! I love those fabrics! It's not hard to see why your friend loved it!

  2. i think it is beautiful and what a birthday gift. us others out here than can't quilt even with a machine think you are talented ....

  3. i see purple, so of course, it's a beauty in my eyes!!

    have a happy sunday!!

  4. I think it came out perfect. I've been wanting to make some Rag Quilts that I have seen on Pinterest but feel I need to get my house uncluttered before I start anything!

  5. I think it's a wonderful creation Miss Debbie and your friend looks so pleased to receive this quilt made with love for her!

  6. I think it is lovely and I love that material. I would call that quilting. I think it is just the kind I would like to make, I am two behind right now. :) You did a very nice job.

  7. It is a beautiful quilt and we machine quilters are indeed blessed that we can stitch one up to make ourselves and others happy. After all, a quilt is for snuggling with, for the memories it invokes and for staying warm and comfy. You did a great job!


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