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Monday, August 13, 2012

where we stayed

The destination for our weekend was Perry, Ga.
It was founded in 1823 and was named for
Commodore Oliver Perry, a hero of
the War of 1812. It is home to about ten thousand
people, the Georgia National Fair (every Oct.),
and the New Perry Hotel...which is not new at all!
It was built in1870 and rebuilt in 1925
 (thus the new in its name).
It is also a Registered National Historic Landmark.

This guy greeted us as we pulled in the parking lot.

This magnolia tree graces the front left corner.
You can see how huge it is by comparing
it to the height of the building.

  Happy flowers surrounded the front door.

The lobby had comfortable seating, a silver tea service...

and a grand piano!

The front desk and staircase.

An old victrola graced the desk...

and there were records!

The dining room where we ate dinner one night
and breakfast one morning.

 How long has it been since you had a hotel room key like this?

One of the double beds in our room...

the desk,

the bathroom, and

a coke bottle opener! I was tempted to go buy 
a glass bottle of diet coke just so I could use it!! -)

And there were more flowers by the pool.

It was a pretty, quaint place to stay.
Next time, a little tour of the town!


  1. Looks like a great spot to spend the night. I miss good ole keys! I'm thinking that bottle opener has been used for a different kind of drink option...

  2. Looks like a great little hotel... Last week when we were in Arkansas on vacation, we stayed in an old hotel in Harrison, the Hotel Seville.... We had a good time.. Looks like you all had a great time also.

  3. Have you ever stayed at the New Perry Hotel before? I know we ate there once with your cousin Margaret. I know you and Susan had a great time! Did the guys have a good retreat?

  4. Oh gosh that coke opener, I remember when I was a little kid on vacation and having those in the bathroom. I always wanted to do the same thing. :)
    It is so pretty and what a nice place to visit. So glad you had such a nice trip.

  5. oh what a wonderful old place to stay!!

  6. I haven't been to Perry in years...and then we just mainly passed through on our way south...

    The hotel looks lovely and I hope your stay was pleasant...

    Thank your for the kind words you left on my blog post...I appreciate your visit!

  7. I wish we'd bought that groupon!

  8. I had to wonder at the coke bottle opener and if I even would have recognized it as such. Things have changed and we may not realize the full extent until we go back.
    I got out the pick up sticks recently and my granddaughter informed me that "hey, those are on my mom's phone."

  9. I love those historic places. It looks like a great place to stay!


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