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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

where we shopped

These are a few of the places we browsed...

There were 4 more places, but I forgot to take pictures!
We saw many pretty things...probably thousands,
but I decided to just take pictures of some of the
more interesting and reminiscent items.

How would you like to have your
 own personal phone booth?

I thought of Kim when I saw this...
she is learning to spin.

 How about a treasure chest full of treasure...

My friend had one of these with her children. 
It's called a "baby tenda"
Babies could sit in it to eat or play.

 I wonder how old this baby stroller is?
I don't think the young moms of today would care for it!

Don't you love this "retro" child's table and chairs?

Are you willing to admit that you grew up
 with this kind of phone?
I did...they were so heavy and always black!

How about a coke and a smile?
Do you think the coke in those bottles would
still have its "fizz"?

This also reminded me of Kim...
she tried to be a beekeeeper for a while.
but decided it wasn't for her!

 I received one of these as a wedding gift
thirty nine years ago.
If I still had it, I could sell it for $5...whoopee!

 The Hubby read this to our daughter when she was little.
After he read it, they would act it out. 
She would get on his shoulders and he would pretend
to not know where she was. He would look all over the house.
Then when he turned on the hall light, he would see her in the 
hall mirror. He would act surprised and she would laugh and laugh!
She never grew tired of the game.
When I saw the book, I knew I had to buy it, so Little E's dad
could play the game with her.
 The title is "Good Night, Little Bear"...
the price tag is covering up some of the letters.

 And this was just funny!

And so true...none of us have done anything
 our whole life...
We ate some delicious food, too, while we were
on our adventure. More about that next time!


  1. Ok I read the title of that book as Good Nig Little Bear...I'm cracking myself up. Looks like a fun shopping day!

  2. I would have loved to come with you! sandie

  3. Oh my gosh, I wish so much I could have been there. What great places and thank you for thinking of me while you were there. I would have loved to look through that silver and I know I would have snatched up that phone. I have wanted my kids to see one of those kinds for the longest time. Yes, I talked on that kind of phone too.
    I love that Antique shop in that old brick building.
    What fun, it makes me want to go Antiquing.

  4. There were lots of things in this post that made me smile! How quickly we forget about those 'golden oldies'.


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